The Eagle Has Finally Landed In Abia State -By Chief Sir. Polly Z. Ubah(Ugo Eji Eje Mba)

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From the look of things, it seems like the Eagle has finally landed in Abia State which means that Abians can now breathe a sigh of relief after suffering for over 24 years due to bad governance.
Regardless of our political affiliation, any Governor that performs well in the South Eastern part of Nigeria must be showcased and appreciated. Moreover, it looks like the best performing Governors in the South East are descendants of the biblical Zacchaeus (Dr. Chris Ngige, Engr. Dave Umahi and now Dr. Alex Otti). Should that be a criteria for electing a good Governor in the South East? Your guess is as good as mine. Unlike the biblical Zacchaeus the tax collector, Governor Alex Otti doesn’t have to climb the Sycamore tree to seek Jesus help or anybody’s help to deliver Abians from their miseries since the creation of that State. He understands clearly that the role of a Governor or leader is to protect lives and properties and he is accomplishing his set goals without hurting anybody unlike what’s going on in his sister state, Imo.

Fast-forwarding, the Arochukwu born former Banker turned politician has proven within a short time he has been in office that there is still hope for Ndi-Igbo in today’s Nigeria. I have never met him before and he is not my friend either but I have personally followed his activities since becoming the Governor of Abia State because I want the best for Abians. So far, I can say that I’m highly impressed with his performance within the 100- days he has been in office. What the duo of Orji Uzor Kalu, Theodore A. Orji and Okezie Ikpeazu could not do in their respective 8 years in office, Governor Alex Otti has almost done within his 100-days in office as Governor of Abia State. Among the former Governors mentioned, only Orji Uzor Kalu built roads in the old Bende LGA especially in Igbere, Ohafia, Abiriba, Item etc. T.A Orji is the worst because no developmental project can be affixed to his name after wasting 8 years in office as Governor. Umuahia, the State capital and where he comes from looked like a Local Government Headquarters when he was in office. Okezie Ikpeazu disappointed Ngwa people by neglecting Aba, the hub of commercial activities in the South East. Towards the end of his term as Governor, he managed to commission a flyover with the help of the leader of his radical and rebel PDP G- Governors. His involvement with the rebel G-Governors distracted and equally affected him from performing well as a Governor towards the end of his term. It was a divine intervention that he couldn’t install his stooge as Abia Governor and that’s why Abia State is blessed today with a performing Governor.

Now, let’s examine Governor Alex Otti’s performance so far:

1). Within 100 days in office, Governor Alex Otti has commissioned over four roads and still building more new roads in Aba despite the heavy down pours on almost on a daily basis. The rate the guy is going, I won’t be surprised if he transforms Aba as the Silicon Valley of the South East.

2). Umuahia, the abandoned state capital for years is about having a face lift. The Governor is planning on constructing a six lane road. It has already been mapped out but that will lead to demolition of some buildings but the owners of those buildings will be duly compensated by Otti’s Government.

3). On Healthcare, I learned that three hospitals in the state will be rehabilitated like the Specialist hospital in Umuahia, Ugwunabo General Hospital and Obehie General Hospital .

4). The performing Governor is paying workers’ salaries on or before the 28th of every month and he is equally clearing backlog debts he inherited upon assumption of office as Governor.

5). He understands that security is a very crucial factor in the South East. As such, he is confronting security issues in Abia State head on by forming a security outfit he code named “Operation Crush”.

6). Even Ghost workers are not spared. Corrupt leaders are known for using ghost workers to liquidate the treasury. Through his verification exercise, over 2300 ghost workers have been fished out already.

7). The criminals that stole and looted Abia State treasury are not free either. He has already set up a panel to recover all stolen funds in Abia State like former Governor Dave Umahi did in Ebonyi State. Haven managed big banks in the past like Diamond Bank, Society Generale bank etc, Dr. Alex Otti knows how to catch financial criminals and fraudsters.

8). Aba, Enyimba city and Umuahia that used to be filthy because of non removal of refuge dumps or wastes are now clean towns as confirmed by the former Nigerian First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan. The Abia State Environmental Agency (ASEPA) are working day and night. There are waste buckets everywhere both in Umuahia and Aba and the environmental workers under Governor Otti are on top of their games by making sure that wastes are not littered along the streets.

I was reliably told that the Governor is doing more than I have reported. With all these accomplishments, I can comfortably vote for Governor Alex Otti as the best performing Governor in the South East.

On a personal note, I’m appealing to the Governor to rebuild the bridge linking Ohafia to Arochukwu called the “Omenuko Bridge”. I learnt that the bridge is now a death trap and many lives have been lost there. When completed, I can then pay a visit to my bosom friend Chief Dozie Udensi who hails from Arochukwu.

Governor Alex Otti’s ascension as Governor of Abia State wouldn’t have been possible if a woman of God called Prof. Mrs. Oti (no relation to the Governor) did not refuse to be bought over. Her refusal to accept bribe is why Dr. Alex Otti is Governor of Abia State today. Abia people owes that woman a lot. That woman helped to bring the Eagle that landed in Abia State.
Congratulations, Governor Alex Otti and please, do not drop the ball.

Chief Sir Polly Z Ubah
Ugo Eji Eje Mba
Proud Imolite but following activities in Igbo land from
New Jersey, USA.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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