Power Sharing Formula In Ohafia LGA, Abia State: A Case Study Of Ohafia LGA Council Chairmanship Position – By His Noble Honor, Chief Eze Eke PhD

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A Case Study of Ohafia LGA Council Chairmanship Position.

PREAMBLE: It is pertinent to refresh our memories on when and how Abia State Politics started to give a clear understanding of where we are coming from.

Abia State was carved out from old Imo State and was created a State on 27th August, 1991.
It is also very important to know and appreciate that there are two group of People who played active roles in the Creation and Development of Abia State.

The First Group: The Founding fathers of Abia State. These are those group of people/ professionals who conceived in their ideas and advocated for and in the actualization of the Creation of Abia State. They were known and called the Founding Fathers of Abia State. The Doctrine of Abia Charter of Equity for fair play, Justice and Equity is their Promulgation.

The Second Group: The First Political Players/Pioneers of Abia State Politics. Shortly, after the creation of the State, the need to develop Abia State and have strong representation at the national level became obvious. During this period majority of Abia indigenes were busy struggling for their private/domestic pursuits to make ends meet but, behold some few technocrats and professionals in their different fields had the vision and willingness to showcase the potentials of God’s own State as a number one State in Nigeria.
These few professionals are known and called the First Political Players or Pioneers of Abia State Politics. They demonstrated their genuine acts by being actively involved in political activities and some contesting elective positions during that political dispensation immediately after the creation Abia State. This was when President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) established the two party systems in Nigeria,
(a) Social Democratic Party (SDP) and
(b) National Republican Convention (NRC.) in 1992.

The active involvement of the Pioneers produced the first Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu. As a result of their strong commitments, they were placed on a priority list as having joined the founding fathers of Abia State who advocated for creation of the State.

At this point, it is worthy to mention that His Honor, Chief Eze Eke JP was one the Pioneers/first Players amongst the few of his professional contemporary colleagues like Distingushed Senator Orji Uzo Kalu, Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, High Chief Uche Ogboso, Rt. Hon Prince Arua Arunsi to mention but a few who started Abia State Politics.

Chief Eze Eke’s political emergence came into national limelight during the Third Republic when he contested for Federal House of Representatives under the platform of National Republican Convention in 1992.
The mandate to serve was denied from Chief Eke and the erroneous denial to Mr. Kalu Omoji of Abiriba Community gave way to protest votes in n favour of Dr. Chidia Maduekwe of the then Social Democratic Party (SDP) to win and became a member of the Federal House of Representatives.


For purposes of further clarification, it is worthy to note that Ohafia LGA consists of two State Constituencies, which are:

(1) Ohafia North State Constituency which comprises,

(a) Abiriba Community of three INEC wards of Amaeke Abiriba, Amogudu Abiriba and Amaoji Abiriba.

(b)Nkporo Community of three INEC wards of Ndi Elu Nkporo, Ndi Etiti Nkporo and Ndi Agbo Nkporo.

(2) Ohafia State South Constituency which comprises the Ohafia clan of five INEC wards, Isiama Ohafia, Ebem Ohafia, Ohafor Ohafia, Okamu Ohafia and Ania Ohafia.

In line with the Doctrine of Abia Charter of Equity which has been advocated and practiced in the State, the Ohafia LGA elder statesmen, Stakeholders and political Leaders unanimously agreed and resolved that Power sharing/ Leadership/Chairmanship position in Ohafia LGA shall be on the basis of Rotation between the two State constituencies of Ohafia North end South. This means for example if the Executive Chairman comes from Ohafia North State Constituency, the Deputy will come from Ohafia South State Constituency and when the Executive Chairman comes from Ohafia South State Constituency xx the Deputy will come from Ohafia North State Constituency, vis versa.

In exceptional cases, it also in our agreement as strongly resolved by the elders Stakeholders of the Local Government in the same order of Equity and Fairness to put into consideration the number of polling units in all the wards in the Case of Pallatives and Reward’s especially during elections in order to achieve mutual benefits. In other words, assignments or strategies and Reward’s/benefits to win elections are done on the basis of the number of polling units in Ohafia.

In the course of good governance, equity and fair play, the resolution has been judiciously followed and implemented. The last Executive Chairman Dr. Ukiwe Okorafor is from Ohafia North and his Deputy from Ohafia South.

Based on the foregoing, the Ohafia LGA Council Chairman will come from Ohafia South. Therefore, it is important at this juncture to also refresh our memories on how far the office of the Executive Chairmanship Position has been fared amongst the communities and INEC wards in Ohafia since the creation of Abia State in 1991.

*Chief K K Owen- Council Chairman
*Chief Kingsley Imaga- Deputy Council Chairman.

  • Elder Bucknor Onuoha— Council Chairman.
    N/B. The above three persons are from Elu community and Elu has 11 polling units.
  • Chief Samson Anaga– council Chairman
  • Hon. John Ndukwe Anaga– Deputy Council Chairman.
  • Hon. Kalucia Kalu— Deputy Council Chairman
    N/B. The three of them are from Okagwe and Okagwe has 6 polling units.


  • Chief Ukpai Agwu Ukpai – Council Chairman (two times)
  • Elder Ndubuisi Onugu– Council Chairman
  • Chief Mba Ukaha– council Chairman.
    N/B. The three of them are from Asaga and Asaga has has four slots and has 14 polling units.


  • Chief Eric Udonsi– Deputy Council Chairman
  • Hon. Ekea Ulu Udonsi–Council Chairman
    N/B. Both of them are from Okon and Okon has 13 polling units.

*Chief Uche Ogboso- Council Chairman

  • Engr. John Eke Njoku – council Chairman
    N/B. Both of them are from Akanu and Akanu has 10 polling units.


  • Chief Barr. Emeka Kalu Ibem- Council Chairman
  • Hon. Eme Iro- council Chairman
  • Chief Fred Eke Idika- Council Chairman
    N/B. Three of them are from Ebem and Ebem has 21 polling units.

Given the above information and analysis, one is left with his/her conscience and emotional intelligence to seek and decide amongst the communities in Ohafia clan that has not benefited from this Noble Position that belongs to all of us in Ohafia clan since the creation of Abia State in1991.

At this juncture, let it be known to all concerned that Amaekpu Community alone has 24 polling units in Isiama Ward out of the 47 polling units and yet has been denied or schemed out from the opportunity of becoming the Council Chairman till date.

With the statement of fact from Utsman Dan Fodio ” Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal.”
The Thought is Yours.

I know some people may be confused for lack of knowledge or be in dilenmma by misunderstanding or comparing the positions of Federal House of Representatives, Senate Governor,Deputy Governor and even the office of the president which do not belong to Ohafia South Constituency alone.

The issue of the LGA Council Chairman as being explained here is solely as it concerns Ohafia clan.
Apart from being the turn of Ndi Amaekpu Ohafia based on rotation, highest number of polling units/registered voters etc, Amaekpu parades the highest number of capable and experienced technocrats to effectively man the position of TC/Executive Chairman Ohafia LG.

I’m aware His Excellency, Governor Dr Alex Otti OFR is man who believes more in merit than turn/quota. He is a product of Merit and believer of rule of good conscience, equity and fairness. We would love him to look inwards and ensure emergence of Amaekpu Son/daughter with record of performance and delivery as next TC/Executive Chairman for Ohafia LG.

Therefore be properly guided in your reactions.

Yours in the Service
His Noble Honor,
Chief Eze Eke PhD

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