Breaking News: The Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG Holds Its First Democratic Election To Produce Legitimate Leadership For The Organization

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Breaking News..

The Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG holds it’s first democratic Election to produce legitimate leadership for the Organisation.

The entire Country is agog with the news of the upcoming election of National Executive of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG in Abuja on Saturday, 16th September 2023.

Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG is the name given by the All Progressives Congress APC to all Support Groups in the party to use as an umbrella body.

It was adopted on the 13th of October, 2022 with the following mandate:

  1. To collate and synergize the activities of all registered support groups of the APC.
  2. To constitute it’s National Executives through a transparent democratic process and in accordance with the principle of Zoning so as to ensure equitable distribution of offices across the six zones of the Country.
  3. To constitute a leadership structure down to the Wards.

Hitherto, some self serving individuals had imposed themselves on the Organisation as leaders without any form of election which was supposed to be the first exercise to usher in a legitimate leadership.

The upcoming election will be the first legitimate election in the Organisation and will see the emergence of strong Support Group leaders across Nigeria as leaders of the umbrella body.

There is trepidation in the camp of those self appointed bunch of ner’er do wells masquerading as officers of the Organisation.

All over the social media space, especially across APC Meta platforms, these impostors who never stood for any election or followed any verifiable process to emerge as leaders of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG are now faced with the stack reality of their impending downfall.

Thousands of APC Support Group leaders who are legitimate members of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups have been upbeat about the election because it will be the first time since the adoption of the umbrella body of all Support Groups in APC; that National Executive members will be produced through a transparent democratic and verifiable process.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja on Sunday evening, the Chairman of the election Committee; Alhaji Abbas Yakasai said that the process leading up to the election has been most rigorous and profoundly thorough. He promised a free and fair exercise on the 16th of September which is the date of the election.

Meanwhile, there are indications that those who have hitherto paraded themselves as leaders of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG without standing for any election are now in complete disarray.

Alhaji Abbas Yakasai assured that the party APC will henceforth witness a tsunami of new members flooding the party as a result of the quality of leaders that will emerge from the election.

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