Dr. Engr Odo Ijere Advises Dr. Alex Otti OFR To Explore Ohiya Ossah New Approach Route Into Umuahia City

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Dr. Engr Odo Ijere advises Dr. Alex Otti to explore Ohiya Ossah new approach route into Umuahia City.


On resuming Office as the executive governor of Abia State on the 29th of May, 2023, Dr. Alex Otti was emphatic on where the direction of his unfolding administration was leading us to. The thematic of his policy thrust and body language to anchor the entire mindset of the success of his government around what becomes of Aba under him was apt from his open declarations.

Alex Otti as a developmental economist and banker of high repute understands that the prosperity of Abia State lies in Aba and Aba holds the key to unlocking the potentials of Abia greatness. Aba you all know is still the largest market east of the Niger River and also a sleeping giant that needed to be awaken to catalyze economic growth in the subregion.

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At least this much formed most of the soundbites during the electioneering campaigns which of course was not far from what people already know. The people were only looking for who would turn soundbites to concrete actions.

Information reaching us is that intervention, in the form of reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads in Aba is fastly changing the ambience of the city. As many as 20 roads or more are under capture with reconstruction going on simultaneously.

The city of Aba has been turned to one huge construction site with the governor himself saying to whoever wants to listen, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Abia Infrastructure Mandate and the generality of Abians, our supporters and sympathizers wish to commend the governor for walking his talks and inhaling actions to his revisive rhetoric. Dr. Alex Otti is on the verge of creating new developmental heights never before imagined by our hapless and serially abused citizens by past administrations.

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The hundred days milestone scorecard of the New Abia is surely not to disappoint as there is a lot already to show the people in Aba Infrastructure and new templates of good governance structures abolishing criminality of the old order.

While we in Abia Infrastructure Mandate will continue to applaud the changing development landscape in God’s own State, it is important to urge the governor and his advisers not to be misled by the euphoria of praisesingers or be misguided by false analytics of the situation in Abia.

The New Abia must be guided by creative thinking and good mindset that must distance from primordial tendencies that draws everyone backwards.
The Governor must open himself to other thoughts and open his mind to new ideas that in some cases may upend the thinking limits of his government apparatus.

At this point, there should be conscious moves by the New Abia to allow the people take credit for the success or failures of the New Abia government to prevent the attitudinal dissonance of “us against them.”

Therefore, the New Abia must think again, concerning the decision to touch 260 or more houses just to create a befitting dual carriage approach from Abia Tower along Ossah road to Okpara Square. The New Abia government must imbibe a creative approach that should give us a new city approach from the axis around Ohiya at the express through the back of the old government house or even route the new road approach through the old government house.

A new route survey should give us even ten lanes along this axis and terminate with the demolishing of the Old Government House instead of demolishing over 260 houses just to create a 2km dualization access. This way, the more than 150 hectares of virgin bush straddled between Ohiya and Ossah Ibeku will be opened and put to use. The design of this new road into Umuahia will start with a road interswitch on the Enugu Portharcourt Expressway.

This new thinking if initiated will save the government much controversy arising from its demolition policy and the money budgeted for demolition and compensation will be channeled to the new road conceptualization.

Again a big thank you to the governor for so far living up to expectations.
Dr. Engr Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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