The Injustice Of Appointments And Ministerial List: How Asiwaju Has Been Hijacked By Lagos Cabal – By Yinka Kofoworola

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Who would have thought of seeing so many ministerial nominees who were never part of the struggle from beginning till the day of APC primaries being called out to take a bow at the senate chamber.

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Many had profess love for Asiwaju’s rewarding system which according to many is one of the best one can find around this nation.

But what has happened to this much talked about system? Should we say the devils at the Bishop’s court are behind that shortchanging?

Who can imagine what the devils over there are smoking?

Monkey de work Baboon de chop!

The ministerial nominee has so far been a thoroughly non-enjoyable process for those who labored and fought for the acceptance and success of ASIWAJU at the primaries when about 39 of those on ministerial list were campaigning for other aspirants and calling him despicable names like “Baba wey no well wan be president” It has been unfair and shocking for patriots who took bullets for him during those trying times to watch and see the macabre dance taking place at senate chamber.

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The ministerial list which Nigerians has been described as “Side Chicks list “with certificate scandals, with flavour of unpleasant signals, just the way BATIST wish it never to be. Is this the Asiwaju we campaigned for?

The latest information in town now is the selling of Board appointments and Executive positions being reconstituted by people that now claimed to be power brokers in the villa. This is disheartening to here that we are back to those days of side chicks and money for appointments.

If Kano that lost 2023 Presidential election to NNPP, Delta, Taraba, and Lagos that lost same election to Labour Party, could get two Ministers respectively, Ekiti State that gave Asiwaju best second results in the country by 66.6% votes after Ondo State deserves more than just one Minister while Ogun state got 3 ministers even though ELEYI worked against us at the primaries and the state did not give us 1 vote at eagle square. If we didn’t win primaries you will not be in the villa and the bandwagons that joined us after our victory will never have joined us. So what is the justification for appointing people that didn’t labour for you as minister?

Just as Ekiti and many other states that gave Asiwaju massive votes were widely dragged on social Media for giving the best of votes, there should be beautiful reward for Excellent electoral performance, hence, nobody would put more effort in the coming years. People that waged war against us on Twiter, Facebook are now being rewarded as minister while those that stake everything are left in the cold because they are not connected to the lagos cabal. Very unfortunate.

Studies have shown that eleven (11) out of those ministerial nominees were those who were critically part of the struggle that brought in the president during the primaries while Other 37 were people who were never here or there, some even worked against him at the general elections.

Over all, the uncleanliness of the ministerial selection has been a step in damaging the image of this administration both at home and abroad. Anyone who do not work shouldn’t eat. The days of impunity are well and truly over.

As regards to the performance of Kano, Lagos, Delta, Taraba Ogun during the election, it is without a speck of doubt that the states do not deserve double nominations as against other states that did tremendously well.

This point is important in setting standard for our next political mobilization. So, not doing the right thing ,is not good enough.

We equally appeal to Asiwaju to halt the infighting among his close aides in the villa before is too late.

It is my hope and prayers that the diligence, enthusiasm, and performance shown by supporters and states during the electioneering processes which is also replicated in the result will be replicated in the reward system of Asiwaju’s led administration. The expectations of many party members are very high. It is similar to the expectations Nigerians have on his Excellency himself.


Yinka Kofoworola
On behalf of APC concerned members

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By Abia ThinkTank

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