Abians Earnestly Yearn For The Probe Earlier Announced To Start – Engr.(Chief) Dr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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One of the major triggers for the revolution that swept off the erstwhile government of Okezie Victor Ikpeazu on the 18th of March, 2023 was the spectre of unwholesome stealing and embezzlement of public funds and resources with near zero accountability. The State was held captive by successive PDP administrations for 24 years of malfeasance and unbridled debauchery. It appeared the governors were only in office to steal and perpetuate corruption.

The citizens could only just grumble and sorrow helplessly and harplessly while these past governors shamelessly indulged in criminal activities of money laundering and pen robbery with no sense of decorum and no sense of deterrence. Abia state remained undeveloped and underdeveloped for 24 years long waiting for a messiah that would rise to fight back the wickedness of man’s inhumanity to fellow man. And that time came on the 18th of March, 2023 with the victory of Dr. Alex Otti and Labour Party.

But losing the election by Okezie Ikpeazu and his band of criminals instead of being a period of introspection for them to slow down on criminality rather invigorated their madness. Ikpeazu and his fellow demons descended on what was left in the Abia treasury for the final kill. They emptied every account belonging to the State, plundering resources they could lay hands on without pity.

From 18th of March after losing the election, it was looting spree all the way. Erondu Erondu, the governor’s main hatchet goon was said to have emptied one account by funneling N2.8 Billion Naira in less than one week prior to handing over the reigns of office to the incoming governor. These felons and their gods went crazy. It was a total wartime plunder. The type you read about by Balshazzer, the King of Babylon against Jerusalem.

But these men were our brothers elected into office to better our lots. They came as our saviors and redeemer to help develop our state like other states. They never remembered the salaries and pensions still in arrears and unpaid. They didn’t show mercy with all the monies ending in their private pockets. They simply are criminals to say the least.

They also didn’t end there, as they allocated lands and other assets to themselves and cronies and backdated same to hide their crimes. They embarked on spurious employments, employing 7000 personnel in a space of two months. They filled all MDAs with their cronies and relatives in what will stand out as one of the biggest scams perpetuated against this state since its creation. So how does Ikpeazu want us to remember him for goodness sake? As a Robbin Hood governor? or even Anini?, This is quite sickening to say the least.

Now ever since the government of Dr. Alex Otti announced the decision to probe this madness perpetuated by Okezie Ikpeazu and his cohorts, hell has broke loose and to stop the probe is a must by PDP opposition and their drummers. We now hear that Ikpeazu is in every court in Abuja looking for orders of the courts to stop the probe. ‘Odiegwu’. To steal the village drum is easy, but where to beat it is the problem.

They will not like the probe because they know that Alex Otti as a banking czar knows where their loots are hidden. We need the probe to tell the world how naked these nauseating men are. The probes will enable us remove the wrappers covering their underpants to expose their running stomachs. We must watch them stool endlessly from the diarrhea caused by their loots.

Abia People will not wait endlessly for this much talked about corruption probes to commence. Dr Alex Otti should swing into action immediately to direct the start of work by the probe panel to assuage the mood of the masses of this state who earnestly are yearning to know how a state that was supposed to be among the first ten economies in Nigeria is today competing among the last states in all indices of development. #theprobemuststartnow.
Dr. Engr. Odo Ijere, Okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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