Eyes On The Ball: Gov Alex Otti’s Vision Is Clear And Unambiguous, And His Plans Well Thought Out – Ferdinand Ekeoma (SA Media & Publicity To Abia Governor)

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Governor Alex Otti’s vision is clear and unambiguous., and his plans, well thought out.

He desires to create a productive and progressive Civil Service.

He wants to estore the debased and eroded dignity and pride of Civil Servants and inspire them to think outside the box and be in tune with the demands of modern governance.

He is out to bury the Ghost Workers Syndrome (GWS) by sanitising the system and creating a workable template that would see to a seamless and sustainable process of payment of salaries and pensions which would be devoid of fraud and injustice.

He is passionate and ready to educate and open the eyes of many to understand that Civil Service is not and should not be the major employer of Labour, but the Private Sector that would be enabled and supported by government to spring up and create employment opportunities for the citizens.

Governor Otti and his team knew that there would be some initial genuine concerns, so his government is willing to honestly address such concerns.

His government also knew that there would be resistance, organized blackmail, disinformation and distortion of facts as strategies to stop the government from executing its laudable plans and policies, however, he and his team are keeping their eyes on the ball.

Ferdinand Ekeoma

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By Abia ThinkTank

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