Road-Bypass One Of The Permanent Remedy To Traffic Free Isi-Gate/Umuahia Town – Engr. Ejike Njuwa

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Umuahia town particularly Isi-gate is at all times being congested and causing traffic jam by motorists who are trying to navigate to the neighbouring states and local government areas. I am pleading with the new administration led by Dr Alex Chioma Otti to look into the need to provide bypass of roads that will cut off umuahia town for motorist that has no business to do in Umuahia Town but must hit umuahia to enable them navigate to their routes.

I am of the opinion that motorists coming through Enugu-Expressway that are going to Ikwa Ibom and Cross River states need not to hit Umuahia Express Tower and Umuahia town in particular. Therefore, constructing a bypass road that will connect Enugu Expressway to Umudike, cutting off Umuahia Town and Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike will go a long way to direct motorists coming from that axis to navigate through that bypass and by so doing it will reduce the number of motorists that will be coming to Umuahia town.

In addition, we can also have another bypass in between Ubakala and Ngwa along Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway that will also link/hit Umudike road. This will provide a bypass for motorists coming from Imo River going to Ikwa Ibom and Cross River states. When these motorists hit Express Tower, they will navigate via Ubakala.

Alternative route to the above is that the motorists from Imo River will hit Express Tower navigate through Ubakala Junction to Isi-Court via Olokoro to Umudike. This route is already in existence, what the road needs is to expand it and make it motorable.

I think if the present administration provides these road bypasses, it will go a long way to provide a permanent traffic free movement within Umuahia town.

Consequently, the road bypasses will also provide developmental expansion of Umuahia in addition to traffic free Umuahia, in the sense that people will be force to move to these routes and commercial activities will pick up along these routes.

Honestly, the expansion of Umuahia town needs to an urgent attention, the town is clustered and activities concentrated within a small circular geographical area. But with the provision of bypass routes round the town, it will force people to move to such areas to live and carry out thei r daily activities.

Engr Ejike Njuwa

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