Temporary Measure On How To Make Isi-Gate Umuahia Traffic Free – Engr. Ejike Njuwa

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I want to suggest a temporary measure for ISI-GATE traffic free. Dropping and picking of passengers is one of the major problem associated with ISI-GATE UMUAHIA. Therefore I am of the opinion that the government should move all motorists into the free space inside the old market that was moved to ubani. There is still open space that can accommodate a temporary motor park. Small entrance doors should be provided at random for people to use to access the park while motorist use a big gate that will be provided. If this is done, all forms of trading around ISI-GATE will stop. The traders on their own will be force to enter the park or relocate. In as much as buses, Keke, cars etc are allowed to operate at ISI-GATE it will be difficult to control traffic and trading there.

The geographic nature of Umuahia is such that it will be difficult to move motor park for local movement away from Umuahia town because ISI-GATE is central to the neighboring clans that made up Umuahia. Anybody body that comes to town must stop somewhere to enable him/her to continue to his/her destination. On expiration of the person tasks, the person needs to return home therefore there is need to have a place where the person can go and take off.

If we move the park away from ISI-GATE, it will fail because someone going for instance to olokoro cannot go to the express to pick a Keke likewise someone going to Umudike. Therefore the need to have a Centra motor park at the moved market space is paramount.

Therefore, a modern motor pack is needed at the same area. All the building in the said area was allocated to people by the Dr T. A Orji administration, it can be revoked and compasention given to the affected persons. That space should be used to build over head bridges and central motor pack like Oshodi BRT packs in Lagos State.

If ISI-GATE is inter-connected with fly-over bridges. It will give Umuahia a good look.

Thank you
Engr Ejike Njuwa

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By Abia ThinkTank

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