Looters’ Mouth Will Be Disconnected From The Feeding Bottle – Governor Alex Otti

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Looters’ mouths will be disconnected from the Feeding bottle, says Governor Alex Otti

Alex Otti, governor of Abia State, has threatened to reclaim any public funds or property currently in the possession of alleged corrupt individuals.
Despite his promises to cut off the ‘feeding bottle’ of the State from the lips of additional looters, his administration has done just that.

Otti made the pledge at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Umuahia in honour of Hon. Austin Okezie Meregini, the Deputy Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly.

He said that his reforms to the state’s civil service and the dissolution of several boards were part of a larger plan to rebuild Abia, and he promised that the state’s recently established Panel of Inquiry would retrieve any stolen public funds and property.

Says he:

People who had been sucking on the feeding bottle for the previous 24 years may now be experiencing extreme discomfort since their mouths have been surgically removed.

It’s possible that we haven’t heard from everyone, and that’s why we have the Panel. We’ll find them and yank the feeding tube out of their mouths.

According to Otti, government resources should serve the public benefit, not the whims of a select few dishonest officials.

We can all share the bottle. This is why whenever something like this occurs, the cries of “the man is undemocratic, the man wants to spoil the State!” may be heard. We have not invaded in order to destroy, but rather to restore.

“So, if the rebuilding tastes like spoiling to them, we can’t understand but we cannot sympathise with them,” Otti thundered to the applause of Churchgoers.

He assured the Abians that his policies were made with their best interests in mind.

Earlier in his remarks, Austin Okezie Meregini, the Deputy Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, praised God and his people for his election victory and subsequent rise to the position of Deputy Speaker.

As reported by AttNews, Governor Otti appointed a Judicial Panel of Inquiry with the mandate to track down and retrieve any state funds or assets that had been misappropriated by former state officials.

Justice Florence Ikwuoma Duruoha-Igwe of the State High Court in Umuahia has been selected as the panel’s chairperson, according to a statement released by Prof. Kenneth Kalu, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG).

The SSG also names Professor Ogwo Ekeoma Ogwo, Mazi Ugochukwu Okoroafor, Reverend Fr. Alex Okonkwo, and Professor Ursula Ngozi Akanwa as other panel members.

So far, his administration has removed several of the previous administration’s appointees, including permanent secretaries.

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