Lagos And Igbos Need One Another, We Will Not Leave Lagos State For Any Tribe – Gov. Uzodinma

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‘Lagos Need Igbos And Igbos Need Lagos, We Will Not Leave Lagos State For Any Tribe’ – Gov Uzodinma

The Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma has reacted to the demolition of the Alaba market in Lagos after a meeting with the Lagos state government. Governor Hope expressed his feelings that their Igbo brothers and sisters are unhappy after the demolition of the market. He also stated that they have reached out to the authorities to find out the issues that caused the demolition. Speaking about Igbos leaving the state, he pointed out that the Igbos need Lagos and Lagos also need Igbos. 

He said, ”Our brothers and sisters doing business in Lagos are aggrieved. According to them, their shops and businesses are being demolished and destroyed. Of course, we have been told and that is why we have intervened. We will find out what the issues are with the state government. I’m a governor and from my experience, there may be disparities due to documentation. 

We will engage the various authorities responsible for this. A lot of Igbos are thinking homeward now after the demolition. It’s good and we welcome that. But we also know that it requires a transition. The success of a business is about supply and demand, location is also important. So Lagos need Igbos and Igbos need Lagos, we will not leave Lagos state for any tribe. We are faced with that reality.”

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