‘I Still Have Not Seen Any Reason Why I Should Be Envious Of Igbos. I’m Richer Than Them’ – Asari Dokubo

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“If All Igbos Are 20 Million In Number, I Am Richer Than 19.5 Million” – Asari Dokubo Claims

During a live Facebook broadcast Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo made today, he revealed reasons why he will never be envious of igbos as claimed by some people.

Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo said, “I still have not seen any reason why I should be envious of igbos. I am richer than them. If the population of igbos across the world is twenty (20) million, I am richer than nineteen million, five hundred thousand people among them. If I gather only my vehicles, you will realize that I am rich. I also have investments across several places in the world.”

Speaking further, Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo said, “I think the igbos should generally learn how to speak with restraint. Saying Lagos was no man’s land during the election was wrong.”

Again, the former niger-delta militant said, “I have lived in Maiduguri and Ibadan before. I have never declared that those places are no man’s land because they were my hosts. I made no single noise throughout my stay there.”

Lastly, Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo said, “it was obvious that the yorubas used the votes they gave Tinubu to show that Lagos is truly a Yoruba man’s land.”

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