Odo Ijere Warns Reagan Ufomba To Keep Away From Alex Otti And Take His Advise Elsewhere

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I have read with dismay, what sounds like a warning by Chief Reagan Ufomba to Dr. Alex Otti to bring his aides to order. It is a shock to me reading such balderdash from someone being referred as an elder statesman.

Elder statesman indeed. So Ufomba is still around and no one ever heard from him in the last eight wasted years of Ikpeazu, his kinsman. Reagan Ufomba who moved into his shell and stealthily operated behind the scenes with his strings attached to humongous Ikpeazu loots is now finding his voice after having his umblical chord of larceny to Abia pursestrings severed.

Those close to him should advise him to keep away from Otti whom he betrayed in 2015. He is free to continue to operate only at nights as a black goat that he is. No one wants to notice him. The new Abia cannot accommodate him no matter his new found semantics of blackmail. He remains a horrible creature who partook in keeping Abia State in the dark ages. His past flashes in politics was only for self improvement and Abians have come to know that about him. He cannot deceive anyone again nor can he wipe away the stench of political treachery oozing all over him.

Those who refer to him as elderly and respectable should hide their faces in shame? He’s part of the baggage of recklessness and rascality that pelted mud on Abia politics. He creamed Otti of hard earned resources in APGA back in 2015 and still went behind to pull down the structures he left for Otti. He’s a politician with no scruples and with primitive lurch to lucre. He is bereft of any modicum of integrity with over bloated and unbendable motivation for money. He craftily placed himself in a position of paternity in all of the 24 wasted years of PDP all the way since serving as political Adviser to OUK and has made fortunes playing every government in power.

I know for sure that Otti’s emergence will be one of his worst nightmares. Dr. Alex Otti will not let his guard down for him and he knows it. Abia people will fight to defend the government they installed from political merchants and transactional politicians like Reagan Ufomba. Let this message enter his skull and others coming after him.

Odo Ijere, Okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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