Senate Presidency: The Igbos Will Continue To Cry – Asari Dokubo Says Hours After Akpabio’s Victory

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Senate Presidency: The Igbos Will Continue To Cry -Asari Dokubo Says Hours After Akpabio’s Victory

It is no longer news that Senator Godswill Akpabio has emerged as the Senate President in the 10th National Assembly election, defeating his closest rival, Abdulaziz Yari with a score of 63 votes to Yari’s 46 votes.

Reacting to this, Asari Dokubo who had earlier declared support for South-East Senate Presidency but later made u-turn, said the Igbos will continue to cry that they are Marginalized until they learn to accept the reality.

In his words, he said from the video (0:31-2:22): “On a serious note, it will be paining you people now as you used your hands to dig your own grave. Until the Igbo nation comes to terms with the realities, they will continue to cry. You people will cry because you listen to unnecessary propaganda, and you easily get deceived and carried away.

“Congratulation Hon. Godswill Akpabio, the Senate President of Nigeria. Now the Igbos will understand better. You (Igbos) have lost it, and you will continue to lose it because the train is leaving you people behind. I told you people that Tinubu will make a difference by rewarding loyalist and those who served diligently. You didn’t work & you want something?”

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