Aisha Yesufu Receives ‘Caution’ About 48 Hours After Tinubu’s Inauguration

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Aisha Yesufu Receives ‘Heavy Blow’ 48 Hours After Tinubu’s Inauguration

The YouTube channel of the co-founder of Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement and staunch supporter of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi, Aisha Yesufu has been taken down.

Yesufu on Wednesday made the announcement via Twitter but did not disclose why her channel was removed.

YouTube, however, sanitizes its platform on a regular basis and takes down channels deemed to have violated its operational policy.

The activist’s YouTube page was pulled down, barely 48 hours after President Bola Tinubu was sworn in on May 29.

She wrote: “My YouTube channel has been taken down by YouTube so let me advertise my other business here. For business, I no dey fight anyone,” she wrote.

Last year, Yesufu revealed she built her first house in 2007, and “it was 10 units of 2 bedroom flats.”

AttNews reports that Yesufu made this known during a live chat on Youtube with LP supporters popularly known as ‘Obidents’.

According to her, everyone is playing their part including Peter Obi, who is always at the tribunal, hence people should stop making excuses.

She added that anyone can protest and the instruction does not necessarily have to come from the former governor of Anambra State.

She said, “He is not going to tell anyone to be at a protest ground or anything, every one of us are all citizens that have a duty, if I feel I have lived enough, I not going to be on the street but I should know what to do.

”So on those questions about protests or no protest, I think it should be what is it that you want to do? So go ahead and do it, so let’s not keep looking for excuses.

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