Wike Battles Rivers Governor-Elect Fubara Over Invitation Of Atiku And PDP Leaders To Inauguration

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For Nyesom Wike, the outgoing Governor of Rivers State, these are no smiling times. Simi Fubara, his erstwhile loyal Finance Commissioner he singlehandedly picked, backed up to succeed him as Governor has suddenly grown wings.

Fubara went into election and rode to victory on the wings of a Governor who had made even his own party leadership his enemies. But the enemies are Wike’s and not the incoming Governor’s, so Fubara thought. But Wike had other ideas.

We understand that things have fallen apart between the outgoing Governor and his beloved handpicked successor. Trouble started when Fubara drew the list of those to be invited for his swearing in and included leaders of the PDP outside of the State. Wike would have none of it. These are his enemies. They were the people who denied him his life long ambition of picking PDP presidential ticket and he would not have any of them come to the state to celebrate with Fubara.

The incoming Governor was said to have put his foot down insisting that he cannot govern in isolation and that PDP is still his party and there is no way he will inherit Wike’s fight with the national headquarters of the party and the party’s flagbearer in the last presidential election.

As it stands, the cold war betwen the godfather bad his political godson is on as Wike has threatened to show Fubara who calls the shots. Meanwhile, Fubara is quietly waiting for power to change hands.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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