Pray For Our Desperate Brethren, They are Being Duped And Dumped – Ferdinand Ekeoma (Special Adviser To Abia Governor-Elect On Media)

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March18 Devastated and Destroyed them psychologically. They have remained Damaged and Disoriented.

Out of anger and frustration, they embarked on looting spree while defrauding the vulnerable in exchange for fake employments.

For over two decades, these guilty tiny few have prospered through impunity while impoverishing the innocent majority.

In their arrogance, they have refused to swallow the bitter pills and accept the sad reality of their being consigned to the dustbin of dirty history, from where they will never resurrect to ruin the land of glory that Alex Otti is coming to build.

Pray for them, after all, they are first and foremost our brethren, though they chose Cruelty in place of Compassion.

Recovering and Returning to a life of Sanity that’s detached from insane looting has been a nightmare and a herculean task; this is understandable, stealing is also addictive!

Remember when that disgraceful defeat stared them in the face, they hopelessly hoped on the 108, 000 fake Obingwa votes, so they shouted….Okey Is Okay, even when they knew that Okey was terribly not Okay.

Because of their pettiness and impunity, the misplaced Glory of Obingwa as a decider of governorship victory was unmasked and exposed to the world as a Facade

Just yesterday, with the help of some Guy men, they bought some contaminated concoctions in Kano and drank with joy and excitement and Shouted……..Okey Is Coming! How can Okey come when he is gone and forgotten? These guys joke a lot!

Envy them not; our monthly allocation is their motivation, without which they are incapable and inconsequential; days ahead will prove.

As they defecate on Social Media in their April Fool Celebration, know it that, in their Desperation, they have become very vulnerable, hence they are being Duped and Dumped into the Dirty Dustbin of our sad history.

Ferdinand Ekeoma

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By Abia ThinkTank

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