Re: Harvest Of Absurdities By Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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Abians will continue to be blessed by highly cerebral interventions and watchdog roles by Chief Ume Kalu SAN. His avuncular dissemination on trending issues in the state are statesmanly and most often pious and charting a good cause of action for many now in search of direction.

Chief Ume Kalu, a former Attorney General of the State for close to 10 years and who was a first hand witness to all the perfidious rape of the state and her hapless citizens is once again in this brilliant piece calling on the perpetrators of evil in our dear state to sheath their bloodied swords. The eminent SAN is boldly once again saying enough is enough to criminal godfatherism in the State that greedily thirsts for more blood, more sleaze, more pillage, more embezzlement, more criminality.

I had just two days ago called on the most bloodthirsty of all the godfathers in the state, Mr Chinedum Orji, aka ‘Ikuku’, to do us Abians a favor by taking a walk from this blood sullied crime scenes of Abia full of victims of governance wickedness, perpetration of cruelty against the people, brazen stealing of public funds most of which are pointing at him as the personification of vice and leave us alone.

I want to make it abundantly clear to Ikuku, that the entire Abia people are watching him and we are ready to cook a sumptuous meal for him in this remaining few days of the 24 years dynasty of evil rule in Abia state.
I’m very certain that Ikuku Abia will not finish the sumptuous meal collectively prepared by the entire citizens of Abia state.

We are very ready to defend our hard earned democratic freedom and liberty from a few remaining hegemons who lock up our House of Assembly as their personal property. This is the height of brazen criminality.

Lastly, i want to appeal to the State Government or the Okezie Ikpeazu led government to respect the wishes of Abians ably expressed by the last Tuesday’s impeachment of Mr Chinedum Orji, aka ‘Ikuku’ by stopping his illegal sittings with 6 House Members which actions are a mockery to our democracy and is offensive to the peace loving people of God’s own State.

We have heard enough of Ikuku and his unceasing notoriety. God Bless Abia State.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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