Abia House Of Assembly: IG Of Police To Put An End To The Rascality Of Chinedum Orji (Former Speaker) – Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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The impeachment of the former Speaker, Mr Chinedum Orji, ‘aka’, Ikuku, today by the resolution of not less than two third of the House members of Abia State House of Assembly having passed through the due process of the law, has satisfied the constitutional provisions for removal of the Speaker and therefore should remain sacrosanct.

Chinedum Orji therefore remain impeached and should be barred by the security agencies from further holding forte in the House proceedings as Speaker of the House.

His going to the House after being removed as the Speaker to sit and make pronouncements thereafter is illegal, ultra vires, null and void and seriously portends himself as an impostor.

His nefarious imposition of himself in the hallowed chambers of the Abia State House of Assembly is criminal in nature and therefore calls for his arrest and prosecution for crimes bordering on attempts to hijack the institution of an arm of government of the State which is treasonable.

The Inspector General of Police is hereby called upon to carry out his duties of arresting the anarchy brewing in the Abia House due to the lawlessness of the former Speaker.

Chinedum Orji, should be advised by those who work closely with him to avoid plunging the State into avoidable chaos in this remaining few days of his 8 years long reign of gangsterism in Abia State.

Chinedum Orji’s name ranks high in trepidation, narcissism, wickedness, vile, ineptitude, cluelessness, visionlessness, emptiness, classlessness, foolishness, myopia, dementia, vengeance, kleptomania, greed, and aggravated corruption. Chinedum Orji is a classic example of crass subhumanity and belonging to the primitive homo sapien age of discovery. He is man’s inhumanity to fellow man.

If our democracy was working, Chinedum Orji should have been impeached long ago after he was discovered to be in possession of 110 bank accounts with which he stashed N550 Billion of stolen State funds by the EFCC since 2018. But he’s walking freely today after compromising the graft agency and with no one really pursuing the case.

It is sad that this modern day Robbin Hood and Alibaba joined together would begin to dance naked at the tail end of his perfidious reign.

A man who sat on power in this state for straight 16 years and could not point at anything tangible. A man who’s only interest is to grab power by all means without a thought of what to make of the it. Who never discusses development and who’s not concerned about the state of rottingness of the state he presides as Speaker.

A Speaker who thoughtlessly locked down the House for half of last year alone because of power tussle. Chinedum Orji single handedly is accountable for 50% of the total affliction of God’s Own State.

Making himself a topic of discourse at this material time is least expected of him. It is most irresponsible of him to start another power tussle just few days to end of this government. I am smelling an ulterior motivation to be at the center of all this shenanigans.

My best advise for Mr Former Speaker now is to disappear and never show his reprobate face again. Alex Otti government will soon be here to cure his madness.
Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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