Road Inspection: Abia’s Governor-Elect Was Right In His Public Action – Amb. Sunday Chibuzo Okereke (Ahioma)

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ABIAState is God’s state and there is nothing the devil can do about it…

Do we have two Governors operating in Abia State? the answer is YES and NO!

Did H.E Dr Alex Otti (Chioma Abia) commit any offence inspecting Port-Harcourt Road with the management team of Julius Berger Civil? The obvious answer is a NO!

About the same day, Dr Alex Otti was inspecting the Port-Harcourt Road, H.E Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State was proud with the Rivers State Governor-Elect, inspecting projects for the inauguration and also flagging off new ones.

President Muhammadu Buhari has already ensured that the President-Elect moved into Nigeria’s defence house(the official holding bay) of Nigeria’s President-elect, where he will receive intelligence briefings and conduct high-profile public governance meetings.

In Benue State, the incumbent Governor that is of the PDP family, not only congratulated the Benue State Governor-Elect, that of the APC stock, but he went ahead to invite the Governor-Elect to the Government House by sending the Benue State SSG to visit with the Governor-Elect in his private home to present him with the letter of invitation to form a joint transition committee. Just to mention but a few examples.

In Abia, what we are getting is an aimless resistance of darkness to light. A scenario that is against the law of nature and life and practically impossible efforts. I advice them to stop trying because Abia has moved forward in hope since the election of #ChiomaAbia

How do Governor’s men plan to create a new Gov Dr Ikpeazu that they couldn’t create in 8 years of the disco governance system in Abia State?

Does the inspection of the road in Abia by the Governor-elect in any way contravenes the Protocol Act nor affect the authority of the incumbent Governor? Again the answer is an emphatic no.

At every transition period, there are two Governors, one is Governor-Elect and the other is the incumbent or outgoing Governor. The natural design of the institution of democracy is that these two Governors share relative political powers in a way but the action of one is latent while the other is active.

The simple reason for this is to allow the Governor-Elect to have access to a certain level of an intelligence briefing on socioeconomic, political, security and tropical status of governance activities in the state to enable him or her to take off immediately after administration of the oath of office without delay.

This is not new, it is happening at the Presidential level both in Nigeria and America and even elsewhere that operates democratic governance system.

If Dr Honokezie Ikpeazu is a democrat and loves Abia State as he claims, he should be the one taking the Governor-elect around the state, showing him all these bad roads and pleading with him to tackle them and also briefing him on the status of some of them. This should be natural to all Democrats.

A governance system is deliberately built and maintained by human beings with leadership hearts to promote peace, unity and development. In the USA, despite the bickering and tomentous campaign that produced President Donald Trump against Secretary Clinton, the then President Obama ensured that Trump received all the high-level intelligence reports and also attended Mr trumps inauguration.

In Nigeria here, we were witnesses to how an incumbent President (President Goodluck Jonathan) conducted himself after his defeat in a very controversial way, yet he ensured a smooth transition of powers.

Have we not suffered enough in Abia? Do the Governor’s men want H.E. Dr Otti to go on holiday and wait till May 29th before he can start taking steps to design an actionable framework to ensure he starts addressing Abia’s problems immediately after he takes over the office substantively?

The fact is that Dr Alex Otti, the Abia State Governor-Elect is a smart man and has been prepared for leadership at this time. He knows Abians have suffered enough and won’t be patient for another disco and misapplied governance system. This, he is taking steps to do what is imminent for Abia State.

Nobody should cry foul, Dr Alex Otti is on course and has not contravened any known law. There is no need for fear, people in government now should only fear their actions because there will be responsibility-accounting in the next administration.

May God bless Abia

Amb Sunday Chibuzo Okereke (Ahioma)
Legislative/Public Policy Expert
Writes from Abuja-Nigeria

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By Abia ThinkTank

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