Senator OUK, Abia North And The Present Legal Challenge To Defend The Indefensible – Engr. Odo Ijere(Okpotemba Ohafia)

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As the legal team of OUK are today battling to change the inconclusive results of Abia North senatorial election of the 25th of February, 2023 to a win win result for their principal, one set of people that will suffer most if the status quo ante bellum is sustained will be the Ohafia clan.

Among the casualties if OUK and his legal team succeeds in court today will be, other senatorial candidates, all House of Representatives candidates, over 100 polling units where voting did not take place around the Ohafia Arochukwu federal constituency, about 65 polling units of Ohafor, Okamu and Owuwanyanwu wards alone accounting for more than 35,000 votes, etcetera. The later cases represents the disenfranchised, the unrepresented, the intimidated, and the suppressed entities that their votes were atrociously not allowed to count.

But the interesting part of this perfidy is what OUK and company, trying desperately to defend the fraudulent result of the inconclusive election are now telling the court was the reason why he was declared winner instead of continuing with and concluding the election as was promised by INEC. Or was this a calculated deceit by INEC? After being compromised? Time will tell.

You may recall vividly that elections started in Ohafia and most Abia north very late due to late delivery of election materials upon which the INEC chairman, Professor Yakubu went on national TV to apologize to the Nigerian citizens. I can recall him mentioning Abia state as one of the states that would get their election materials late. This was when casting of votes was already being reported in most part of the northern states as early as 8am the same day. The various legal teams in court today challenging this result must note this.

As the anxious electorate and their political party’s Representatives gathered the next day being Sunday the 26th to pick up their ballot materials and proceed to voting, there were no INEC officials in sight to do the needful. Little did they know that the insurrectionists, prebendalist, fascists, evil geniuses, criminal patents, political mutineers had plotted and successfully hijacked the process of delivering free, fair and credible elections. The rest is history. What a coup against the people by those who daily boast about their popularity.

But what may turn very egregious is the sad turn of the emerging narratives at the tribunal where we’re now hearing that IPOB and some enemies of Nigeria prevented election from taking place in mostly Ohafia clans. Then some other equally egregious tales that Ohafia voter turnout was less that 10% and that in most places, voters didn’t come out at all in response to IPOB sit at home order.

This wicked narrative being deposited at the court and supported by some of Ohafia sons conscripted as part of the legal counselors is dangerous and a joke taken too far. Ohafia and the many disenfranchised communities in Abia north must not suffer further damages occasioned by bitter and pernicious power struggles centered on avaricious greed and selfishness of one individual.

Those Ohafia sons partaking in this wickedness against their clan should know that tomorrow will come when all of us and our communities will be stereotyped as enemies of the state, antisocial elements and possibly designated as terrorist sympathizers etcetera. Some of you should learn one or two lessons from Mr J. S Okutepa, a SAN who declined to offer his services to a presidential candidate on moral grounds.

One thing we must all take home is that the election of Abia North, both senatorial and Reps were inconclusive and would eventually be concluded. Let the affected areas go and prepare to cast their votes when eventually the rerun will take place. Nothing will change that. A word is enough for the wise.
Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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