Election Petition: In The Supreme Court, Anything Can Happen Because Human Beings Are There – Pat Utomi

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In the supreme court, anything can happen because human beings are there-Pat Utomi reveals

In a recent interview, Pat Utomi, a professor of political economy and management expert, shared some interesting insights about the outcome of the Nigerian elections. When asked about his faith in the Nigerian judiciary system to determine the election’s outcome, Utomi responded that anything can happen in the Supreme Court, as it is made up of human beings. He went on to share a conversation he had with the CEO of a multinational corporation, who expressed concern about the election but also mentioned that he would benefit from Bola Tinubu being in power because of their shared Yoruba ethnicity. The CEO suggested that Peter Obi drop his court case.

Utomi’s comments highlight the complexities of Nigerian politics and the influence of personal relationships on decision-making. The CEO’s statement suggests that ethnicity may play a significant role in the distribution of power and resources in Nigeria, and that individuals may prioritize their personal interests over the greater good of the country. It also raises questions about the impartiality of the judiciary system and whether justice will be served without influence or bias.

The interview with Utomi sheds light on the intricacies of Nigerian politics and the factors that may influence decision-making. It highlights the need for transparency and impartiality in the judiciary system, and the importance of putting the interests of the country ahead of personal gain. These issues will continue to be relevant as Nigeria navigates the post-election period and works to strengthen its democratic institutions.

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