Press Release: Progressives Advisory Forum For Good Governance PAFOGG Caution Persons Masquerading As Supporters Of Secretary To The APC Campaign Council To Desist From Using Religion And Ethnicity In Their Campaign For CoS Position – Hon. Engr. Emmanuel Butches Nwosu (Convener)

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It has come to the attention of the Progressives Advisory Forum for Good Governance PAFOGG that certain persons masquerading as supporters of the Secretary to the APC-Presidential Campaign Council who is desirous of becoming the Chief of Staff to the President-elect; His Excellency Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, are now deploying the use of religion and ethnicity in their campaign for the CoS position.

PAFOGG wishes to condemn into to; this very ugly and dangerous development and calls on all leaders of our great party and honest supporters of our leader and President-elect; Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to equally condemn this reprehensible act.
Nigerians; irrespective of tribe or religion; voted for Tinubu and APC at the February 2023 Presidential polls. The opposition party which deployed religious and ethnic sentiments during the general election was roundly defeated by APC because honest and peace loving Nigerians disregarded their campaign of hate and bigotry and voted for the Muslim/Muslim ticket.

Why then will any member of APC dare to use religion and ethnicity as campaign tool for the position of Chief of Staff to the President?.
Knowing how delicate; issues of religion and ethnicity are in Nigeria, it beats one’s imagination that any right thinking person who claims to be a supporter of APC and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will bring this ugly trend into our party to create bad blood and division among us when we should be celebrating our well deserved victory.

It is a known fact that the choice of who becomes the Chief of Staff to the President is the exclusive preserve of Mr President himself and must be someone worthy of such highly exalted position and not someone who couldn’t manage the assignment given to him in the PCC.

Progressives Advisory Forum for Good Governance PAFOGG condemns in it’s entirety; the act of using these two very sensitive areas of religion and ethnicity to campaign for any political position at all; talk more; that of the Chief of Staff which lies within the exclusive preserve of the President himself.

We all know that opposition parties have worked tirelessly to paint the Muslim/Muslim ticket of APC as an evil ticket without success, why then will the so called supporters of APC and Tinubu use the same wicked sentiments to campaign for CoS position?.

We want to use this opportunity to call on Hon. Faleke to rein in his wild dogs who are bent on creating hatred and bitterness among our members by using religion and ethnic sentiments to campaign for him.
We believe that Hon. Faleke knows too well that if he did well in his assignment as PCC Secretary, he shouldn’t have needed such devilish campaign strategy to secure the CoS position.

Enough is enough.
PAFOGG will not stand by and watch our hard won victory turn to bitter war among our members and supporters just because an individual has become so desperate for a political position that he does not care about the monumental damage this wicked campaign strategy will do to our great party and especially to the incoming administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


Hon. Emmanuel Butches Nwosu M.Eng
Progressives Advisory Forum For Good Governance PAFOGG

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