Dr. Alex Otti OFR Will Not Tolerate Sychophancy – Ferdinand Ekeoma(Special Adviser, Media And Publicity)

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Sycophancy has a process and all that is required for Sycophancy to have a hold and destroy any leader or government is to allow it pass through the Incubation Stage.

No matter how Competent and Prepared a leader is, as long as he is not ready to call the bluff of Sycophants and face the task of governance with sincerity and seriousness, it would be a matter of time before he fails, and when he fails, Sycophants would be the first to desert and discredit him.

A friend did a Jingle in celebration of Dr. Alex Otti’s Victory at the polls and sent it to me to listen before he would begin to air it. I listened to it and told him point blank that it would not fly, because it sounded Sycophantic.

I told him about our adage which says that “Madness starts from murmuring “(Ntamu ka ara ji abia)

There are many Congratulatory messages flying up and down both in the newspapers and on radio in celebration of Dr. Otti’s Victory. To be fair to most of the sponsors, most of them are well deserved encomiuns from Abians and none Abians who have so much confidence in him, and those who feel so relieved that, for the first time, Abia has a governor that was chosen by the people.

However, there are some from the department of AGIP ( Any Government In Power) that still bore the trademark of our 24 years of Sycophantic Iberiberism. Let’s pray and hope that this category turns a new leaf, or be left behind.

You, as an Appointee of “Governor Alex Otti ” I will not seek his permission to attack or call you out, if you attempt to deceive or wear him the apparel of a Creator or an Infallible being.

He is a genuis of immense endowments, with many beautiful qualities and verifiable excellent accomplishments which no propagandist or blackmailer can erase, but to succeed as governor, he would need to be honestly advised and told the truth where necessary, and at all times.

You know why Governor Alex Otti will not tolerate Sycophants and Sycophancy?

  1. He has a Record of Excellence that needs to be enriched.
  2. He has a history of performance that needs to be deepened.
  3. He will not be dictated for or overshadowed by any self-serving godfather.
  4. He has a Manifesto that’s a creation of his genuine ideas and thus would not be guided or limited by a tainted template created by a paid Consultant.
  5. He wouldn’t like to disappoint the pensioners who dressed in White and White for the first time, against their usual Black and Black and stormed his Campaign Headquarters in celebration of his victory, which they termed; their freedom.
  6. He is a Technocrat who is not interested in becoming a Career Politician or a godfather to any one, so Sycophancy would serve him no positive purpose.
  7. He is a full blooded Igbo man who is as furious as the Obidient youths whose destinies have been looted by Career Politicians, and thus would dedicate energy to lifting our youths out of the doldrums of poverty and underdevelopment created by mediocre leaders.

These are some of the reasons the Abia Governor-Elect, Dr. Alex Otti, OFR won’t tolerate Sycophancy.

Ferdinand Ekeoma
Special Adviser
(Media and Publicity) to
The Abia Governor-Elect
Dr. Alex Otti

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By Abia ThinkTank

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