Governorship Election March 11: Otti Campaign Organization Caution Sectional Bigots And Clannish Clowns From Fabricating Hate Induced Satanic Gibberish Against Dr. Alex Otti OFR

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Dear Sectional Bigots….

Dear Sectional Bigots and Clannish Clowns, save your energy and channel same to supporting your Baggage Carrying Candidates whom Abians have decided to reject, instead of spewing hate-induced satanic gibberish against a Nationally respected Corporate Guru and Astute Manager with variable trajectory of excellence and unquestionable accomplishments, called Alex Otti.

Abians have unanimously resolved to vote Dr. Alex Otti into power as their beloved governor come Saturday, 11th March, 2023.

Your fury and frustration is understandable, because his well deserved and people-inspired victory is staring you in the face, however, do not panic and do not tremble because he’s coming to serve all, and fight no one; that’s his convenant with God.

Ndi Abia, Weep No More, Help Is On The Way.

Ferdinand Ekeoma

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By Abia ThinkTank

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