Abia Guber 2023: Bishop Dr. Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha ADC Governorship Candidate; A Candidate Of Equity And Fairness, Abia State Must Respect Charter Of Equity Agreement – Prince Okwara Agwu (ADC Campaign Council, Abia State)

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Danger looms as dark clouds hang in the sky ominously. This danger is palpable and could destroy the things that unite us as Abians if not averted early enough. This danger is created by the PDP for zoning its governorship ticket to the central, while others zoned to the central and south when it is obvious that it is the turn of Abia North to produce the next Governor of our dear State.

Danger is brewing and we will not stop sounding the prognostication loud and clear. Any person from Abia North who supports any candidate from Abia South or central should know it that it is the height of the treachery of evil. It is betrayal of ones own people which is the worst betrayal in history. What will the people of Abia North tell their children in future? That they sold their zone’s right to produce the governor of Abia State in 2023 for a mere pot of portage? They must not allow their turn, freely given to them by the charter of equity to be slaughtered on the slab of money.
Abia North should resist it because betrayal, particularly that of one’s people is the worse sin against God and man, and the consequences are grave.

More so, anybody from Abia South or Abia Central supporting guber candidates from these zones is an ingrate because having benefited from the charter of equity, reciprocity demands that they support a guber candidate from Abia North instead of subverting it and creating disharmony in the State. “Do not do to others the things you would not want them to do to you”. This is a simple natural law which allows the cosmic pendulum to swing, paying back man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.

His Lordship, Bishop Dr. Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha is of Abia North extraction and therefore a product of equity. The people of Abia North and indeed the entire Abians should throw their weights behind him for the sustainability of our age-long charter of equity and for our continued mutual co-existence as Abians and as one people under God. Anybody, deploying political sophistry and logic somersault to rationalize the retention of power in Abia South or central is enemy of Abia State. Power shift to Abia North is sacrosanct for peace in Abia State.
It is therefore the height of selfishness for Abia South which is serving out its eight years term in the person of His Excellency Dr. Victor Okezie Ikpeazu even contemplate retaining power by any guise. PDP got it all wrong.
Danger is looming courtesy of the PDP and we all have a responsibility of averting it and safeguard the future of our children and posterity. The only way of averting this danger is for us to massively vote for Bishop Dr Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha.
Bishop Onuoha is a Clergy whose many years of experience in managing his personal business and other organizations have earned him leadership leverage and the prerequisite experience to do well as a governor.

Besides, Bishop Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha is from Abia North and therefore a candidate of equity, fairness, justice and good conscience.

We must not allow a few evil men who are after their own selfish and parochial interests to put a knife in the the things that hold us together and make us fall apart. We must stop them by electing Bishop Onuoha in the 2023 gubernatorial election.
When evil people gather to destroy, good people must unite to thwart their plans.


Vote Bishop Dr Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha
Vote ADC.

ADC Campaign Council
Abia State

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By Abia ThinkTank

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