2023 Elections: My Campaigns Will Be Issue Based And Bring Development To Good People Of Arochukwu/ Ohafia Federal Constituency If Elected- High Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke (APC Candidate HOR, Arochukwu/ Ohafia)

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  As the campaign for the next general elections gather momentum across the Nation, the Arochukwu/Ohafia House of Representatives Candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC) High Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke Phd, has said that his entire movement will be completely issue-based and devoid of partisan frivolities. He noted that part of the bane of our political engineering are the unnecessary attacks and backstabbing of political opponents while critical issues of development are relegated to the background.
High Chief Daniel Okeke made this disclosure in an exclusive interaction with him as part of the on-going media mechanisms to sound his opinion on the direction of his own campaigns
The APC House of Representatives  candidate noted with pleasure that his recent consultation  tour of the entire constituency further cemented his belief that Arochukwu and Ohafia are truly blessed with both human and natural resources that will be further harnessed for the betterment of every Constituent, adding that the tour gave him first-hand information and experience about the various needs of the people. 
He was emphatic that having thrown his hat into the race for the most coveted seat in the constituency, he has no reason to look back but to remain firmly focussed, get elected by the electorates, and deliver the needed dividends of Democracy  to the people of Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency . In his opinion, no segment of human society should ever be relegated to the background or neglected at all levels and that accounted for why he interacted with the aged, the young, the traditional institutions, political leaders, opinion moulders, age grades, community elders , physically challenged , Religious bodies and organized unions among many others. 

The APC House of Representatives candidate said that his approach to such urgent matters of need is to adopt a “bottom-top ” approach, not a “top-bottom” approach to governance, adding that he has a clear understanding that every segment of society and political units have peculiar needs and what they expect from government. While others may be in need of roads, others may need health centers and schools among other projects.
Dr. Okeke observed that things had changed and real hope and assurances must be given back to the people who are very eager for development.

On the issue of his very soaring popularity and impressively overwhelming support base, Chief Daniel Okeke noted that ever since he found expression in public service, he has always tried all he could to make life better for everyone , irrespective of their personal backgrounds and political cleavages. Adding that the hobby of making people happy also makes him a happier person.
He assured all and sundry that if he could do all he has been able to do  for the people with his personal resources, he would do even more with Government influence.

High Chief Daniel Okeke Ph.D called on all the good people of Arochukwu and Ohafia to be wise and very discerning in their political decisions and to always look out for the candidate with the needed capacity, public acceptability, probity in public life and the readiness to confront the challenges of our current development.

 Mezie Abia as he is popularly called, promised to change the common narratives around and about Arochukwu/Ohafia politics, adding that the senator representing Abia North Senatorial District His Excellency, Senator (Dr.) Orji Uzor Kalu has taken time to put the entire Abia North on a concrete Infrastructural developmental pedestal which, in the fullness of time, will multiply the economic fortunes of our Constituency as the products, resources and potentials from our constituency will key into the emerging national and global markets.

The APC House Of representatives candidate thanked God for his resurging energies and stamina which he noted, were a plus to his budding political aspirations. He finally called on good People of Arochukwu and Ohafia to be patient and look out for the many more positive turn of events that will be surprising to all under his watch as Representative at the National Assembly. 

Oti Maduabuchi Orieji
Special Assistant
(Media and Publicity)

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