2023: Jagaban Testing The Microphone From Front -Tahir Ibrahim (Talban Bauchi)

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JAGABAN: Testing the mic from the front.

by Tahir Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi.

Very atrociously, we were made to believe that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, ABAT; the father of Nigeria’s modern day democracy, and Lord of the ring of pro-democracy activists – was incapacitated, and too senile to do anything, aside being a Godfather to all the President wanna bes. A picture of a personality who was either too old and too fragile, or unworthy, and perhaps even demented; was printed and handed over for onward distribution to millions of Nigerians, in a well choreographed effort, to wash ABAT off our minds, and off our radar, in the search for who next to lead us full throttle, into a promising 21st century Nigeria.

A lot of damage has been done to the character of Asiwaju and a lot of attacks, successful ones, were made to shed him in the light of a sick and unhealthy older citizen who does not have the physical and even mental capacity, to as simple as live his own life and take care of himself, doing ordinary day to day routines. Some say dementia, some say parkinsons and some say old age. Nigerians have been made to believe that ABAT is unfit to govern. The gullible, the not so intelligent, and the lazy Nigerian media, have all accepted this ‘fact’, and believe that ABAT should resign to Bourdillon and keep away from National politics. We have all been hoodwinked all this time.

Events from recent days, going back to the day of the Presidential primaries, have provided real arguments and contemplations in the minds of those that had bought the ‘sick Tinubu’ conundrum. In deep contrast to what they have made of him – here is a man running helter-skelter, criss-crossing the whole country, even before the primaries, and continuously after; traversing the entire APC landscape of Presidential aspirants, watering the ground and garnering the support and buy-in of APC stakeholders, and more importantly those that contested, and those that had their support or loyalties invested in other candidates. PMB had presidentially kept away from influencing the party primaries. For the first time in Nigeria’s democratic space, the President, whether contesting or not, did not have any role in the emergence of the party’s flagbearer for the Presidential elections. If you ask any APC stakeholder, they would respond to the affirmative, that PMB had no influence in the emergence of all the gubernatorial candidates of the APC nationwide. What a man!

ABAT’s faculties, his recollection of events in our nation’s history, and his psychological well-being are all perfectly fine. As healthy as that of any man his age would be. The aspersions cast about his beginnings and his biological origins cannot be taken with a pinch of salt anyway – as they do not reduce his achievements, his rich school of prodigies, his colossal political weight, and the wherewithal to deliver on the mission and vision of his Presidential aspiration.

More damage has been attempted at his educational qualifications, just the way PMB suffered a certain School Leaving Certificate propaganda. ABAT has a University degree from the prestigious Chicago University. Even a Nigerian University, a ‘quack’ one at that, no apologies to ASUU Chairman 2022; cannot defend ABAT, were he to possess or rig a degree for political gain. The University has issued a statement and a letter, certifying the authenticity of ABAT’s University credentials. He then worked for a foreign oil company and rose through the ranks with sterling commitment to duty, which catapulted him to a key managerial/ executive position, enabling him to travel the world and earn quite an amount of foreign exchange on a daily basis. He resigned and joined politics, as a founding member of the SDP, The Social Democratic Party.

In a recent visit by officials of the APC National Working Committee, ABAT said, “he pledges to work towards creating and powering a knowledge based economy that meets the present overarching demands or needs of our nation and those from future plans.” He furthered that, “we will institute 21st century financial reforms, embark on 21st century infrastructural developments and 21st century elimination of crimes, which would also be technology driven.” At another event where The Forum of Northern Speakers of the APC unveiled cars and logos of the Tinubu/ Kashim campaigns. ABAT spoke about patriotism and the lack of it therein in the country. He decried the loss of history in our School’s curriculum. Quoting the first stanza of our 1st national anthem, “though tribes and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand”, Tinubu said he would stand in partnership with the state to fight banditry, corruption and poverty. Speaking in Katsina, he went further, and added that Katsina having many dams, provides an avenue for him to work together with the state government to reticulation them. Katsina has the resources to be an industrial hub, to be a centre of Industrialisation and prosperity.

Tinubu is an intellectual and a governance genius with an eye for prodigies, and political progenies, who have excelled as both state and national actors. Tinubu, whether a son or a daughter or not, of Iyaloja, is today the father of Iyaloja. Tinubu is the father of today’s democratic dispensation, having fought gallantly for the return of governance in Nigeria to democratic rule. Tinubu has hosted and supported virtually all those that are aspiring for the most exalted office in Nigeria. Even Atiku was once a refugee in Tinubu’s dynasty of democratic struggle. Tinubu is the leader of change and the master of the game as far as Nigeria’s political history is concerned. His trajectory, from a businessman to a politician, to a kingmaker, is no ordinary story; but an ordained journey, that is being unveiled. It is going to be very difficult to stop this massive movement of the Jagaban, having come thus far. No wonder he has faced so much denigration and profile assassination. He is just too much!!!

Tahir is Talban Bauchi.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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