2023: Showcasing the Numerous Philantropic Achievements of Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke PhD (APC HOR Candidate for Arochukwu/Ohafia)

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Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke PhD is a man who is loved not only by his immediate community but other communities in Arochukwu, Ohafia and entire state of Abia because of his numerous Philanthropic gestures. His philantropic presence is not only in youth empowerment, constructions, education but also in human capital development through job Placements Interventions and creations.

This is a man who has not held any public office, Appointment or benefitted from government contracts but showing love for his people from his personal resources for over a decade now.


-To efface the dilapidated nature of the Ubila/Ametiti primary school environment in Ututu he built several classroom blocks.

-He also built ICT centers to prepare students ahead of the labour market demands, as the world approaches to be a global village.

-Over 400 students across Abia state enjoy scholarship courtesy of Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke (Mezie Abia).


-Mezie Abia has been recorded as one of the highest employer of labour as he finds joy employing qualified Arochukwu / Ohafia and Abia people in his companies.

-As a man of influence he has attracted several jobs across the country and always sorts for his constituents as beneficiaries.

-Mezie Abia has over the years empowered so many youths by providing them with capital to establish or support their businesses
-He has also bought many motorcycles and grinding Machines for so many youths.

-As water remain essential to man’s existence, Mezie Abia has dogged and constructed boreholes for his people.

-He also bought transformers to support power supply as its vital for a community growth.

-He played major role in the construction of so many road projects in the constituency e.g the St. Paul to Ubila road in ututu and so many others.

-He constructed road for his Community.


-Chief Daniel Okeke constructed and furnished the new customary court building in ututu situated in Amasa Ututu.

-Mezie Abia built a Grand Civic Center located St. Paul junction in Ututu Arochukwu


-Mezie Abia knew the role of football in Uniting the community, enhancing progress of Ututu when he sponsored a 4yrs annual football competition which has a huge take home price and evidently this has been the reason many people come home for Christmas.

-A community is known by their cultural heritage, Mezie Abia has been a wonderful Pillar of support to our mothers as he always grace their annual August meeting , Ututu Day Celebration & have contributed to other well meaning projects.


-Mezie Abia built the Apostolic Faith Church edifice in Umuakatawo, Obingwa LGA Abia State.

  • Chief Daniel Okeke roofed and tiled St Mary’s Catholic Church Ubila Ututu.

-Chief Daniel Okeke roofed and tiled the Apostolic Faith Church Ututu.

Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke has built, furnished and donated houses to less privileged and elderly displaced people in ututu Arochukwu LGA.

While other politicians show philantropic gestures when there are already in power, or contesting Elections, Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke PhD has been in it as his passion to assist the indigent, vulnerable and deprived.

He said, this is the only way he can give back to the society and gratitude to Almighty God who has brought him this far.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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