Ohafia Crisis: Another man Shot Dead in Amaekpu this morning.

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Who did Ohafia People Offend?

Few hours after meeting with the Brigade Commander, 14 Brigade Nigerian Army Ohafia with Ohafia Council of Eziogos and Stake holders. And agreeing for peace and normalcy to return to Ohafia, another dead body was found in Amaekpu Ohafia this morning.

Our Correspondence who was at Kelson Petrol station, Amaekpu Ohafia where the dead body was lying on the road said the young man’s body was sprayed with bullets to the extent of his intestines gushing out.

One will expect that the meeting with the Brigade Commander would have brought peace in the communities of Ohafia.

This is a big challenge to not only Ohafia Political figures, Abia North and entire Abia State.

The Nigerian Army should be called to order to avoid full blown war. A stich in time they say saves nine.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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