2023 Presidency: Frank Letter to my son who Supports Tinubu

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Letter to my son who supports Tinubu

I respect your conviction. I realise your candidate is a very difficult sell at this time because of health issues and age . If he had come out in 2015. I probably would have been a part of his campaign.

But right now we are in a very difficult place as a nation. The situation requires absolute hands-on presidency with boots on the ground- for Osinbajo to try to contest the primaries already underscores that point.

We are headed towards a disruptive and an uncertain future and we require our most agile minds steering the affairs of state, no matter their tribe or faith.

Imagine if BAT had allowed Osinbajo to run, he would have remained the most mystified politician in Nigerian history. The glory and accolades would have dwarfed those of Awolowo and Obasanjo combined. And Obi wouldn’t have had a chance. Half of Obi’s supporters are persons who supported Osinbajo during the APC primaries.

That moment was missed. Now he has to do EVERYTHING to win o. His life and legacy now depends on it. If he loses, all is lost. He will have zero influence anywhere, even in Lagos. Right now aside from Sanwoolu and the likes of MC OluOmo , he doesn’t have the “open” support of any of his boys . Aregbe is fighting dirty. Fasola has excused himself. Osibanjo says leg is paining him. Ambode is a ruse, no where to be found. Mamora is gone. Gbajabiamila is.playing safe. Even Ogun governor has not fully recovered from the public embarrassment. I don’t even know how involved he was in Osun campaign. Afenifere has openly declared for Obi. I think they’re worried about their fate if BAT becomes President.

To make matters worse, he has alienated all the Christians in APC by choosing a muslim-muslim ticket and strengthening Obi’s hold on northern christians. Northern christians are between 35-40% of the total northern vote. The remaining 60% Muslim vote will be split between PDP 35%, APC 30%, NNPP 25% and LP 10%

A magical rigging machine will be needed to put him in power. Right now there are multiple election verifying organisations on ground with spy software and drones monitoring the elections. We saw their activities at the Osun state elections. They posted updates ahead of INEC making it difficult for INEC to get creative. 2023 elections will be the most monitored election in our history.

Son, I hope this provides you some context as you contemplate your choices.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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