Be a Statesman: Etigwe Uwa Esq SAN Advised Dr. Chidia Maduekwe.

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Nnamukwu Kaa.
I respect your views completely and want to thank you for all your stellar activities. However I disagree with you. Please note that I used to be Tinubu’s lawyer in the early 1990s when the present Governor of Osun State was the manager of his private business. Tinubu won my respect with the advancements that occurred in Lagos and also by being focused in his choice of successors. It is to Tinubu we owe largely the transition of power from a ruling party to an opposition party does deepening democracy. If Tinubu becomes President his antecedents show he would build a wonderful team of people to try to develop the country.

That said Tinubu and Shettima are not the best for Nigeria at this time.
Age is not on Tinubu’s side.
The country has never been this polarised since the civil war. How can he chose a man caught on tape demonising a major ethnic group as running mate. A man who said to hell with restructuring. Even though I had a few months of sojourn in the APC because at the time I felt it was the best way to salvage Abia, it is unquestionable that this APC government is the worst government in the history of all this country. We are over borrowing and spending the money building rail lines to Niger where economic activity is near zero. Today almost 90 percent of our earnings is spent on debt servicing. Kuje was attacked by non state actors and prisoners set free. Bandits herdsmen are rampaging all over Nigeria. Christians in the North are being decimated and whole villages and local governments in Jos in Southern Kaduna in Benue are being displaced. Nigeria needs a sense of inclusion rather than alienation. No Igbo man heads any security outfit. How can you in these circumstances advocate a further exclusion and alienation through a Muslim Muslim ticket. No sir. Your politics must rise above party if you wish to transmute from a political to a statesman. Your voice echoes that of a National Assembly member who voted against electronic transmission of results on the basis that his community has no internet connection but that community supports funds transfers through the internet. No no no sir.

Secondly Tinubu is a great creator of wealth but he keeps a large chunk of publicly created wealth to himself and his close aides family and friends. Nigeria must progress beyond this kind of governance.

Peter Obi represents the best alternative for Nigerians today. He is younger and stronger has a clear vision and is frugal. His running mate is accomplished in his own right. Nigeria must move away from the current decadence and embrace change if it must succeed.
Can play some politics of conviction and good conscience jettisoning the politics of convenience and answering “present sir” in the expectation of future political appointments. We cannot continue to leave our nation in the hands of the less than the best.

I must say that if I had only Tinubu and Atiku to chose from I would choose Tinubu. But I want to be willing and obedient so that I can eat the useful things of the Nigerian land. Good morning.

Etigwe Uwa SAN FCIArb

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By Abia ThinkTank

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