ARO 2023: Feature an Attacker as a Defender and Loose the Match.

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Parading and featuring ineligible candidates for political offices stiffles societal development. It is as same as featuring a defender as an attacker in soccer. It’s a coaching and technical error and breeds no positive result. Each time the unfits , asinine and uneligible candidates who emerged by human error and ofcourse who donot understand the concept of governance unfortunately get holds of power, abuse becomes inevitable.

The end products of the error described are embezzlement, mismanagement, poor bargaining, misrepresentation, attracting and abandoning of consistency projects, swimming in white elephant projects to steal money, debasement of clear cut objectives, O-Yes member attitude, “I concur style of Representation”, boy-boy syndrome, loss of self esteem, absence of government presence, civil disobedience, sheer underdevelopment of the Constituency, apathy, bickering and absence of bills and motions.

Prince Ike Okorafor, Dike Ogu Abam Onyerubi is a graduate of Goverment and Public Administration, a Masters degree holder in Political Science, another Masters degree in Maternal Health, a teacher in the United States and currently a Phd student. He knows his onion. He is ebullient and eminently qualified to represent Arochukwu State at the Assembly.





Mary Thompson
For IOK’S Media Team


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