Straight From The Heart: Nigeria Is Sitting On A Time Bomb And The Situation Is Getting More Hopeless – By David Uma

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Nigerians are going through drowning experiences, and getting more drowsy as each day passes.

The Country is seriously grappling with so many challenges. The economic indicators from every part of the Country show high level of poverty, and general hopelessness.

The high cost of living is skyrocketing on daily basis, thereby driving everyone crazy. Petrol is no longer affordable, how much more other basic needs including foodstuffs.

Controversy is still surrounding the removal of the fuel subsidy regime many months after it was announced.
Predictably, the rippling effects have triggered public outcry, and discontentment.

The general public is still questioning the rationale or appropriateness of these economic policies, when the same people asking Nigerian to persevere for the hardship to slide over, are still the same people demanding for 160 million Naira SUV automobile. Ironically, they cannot settle for less, because Nigerian roads are bad.
The answers they have given, and the solutions they have proffered are inexplicable.

Undoubtedly, Nigerians are caving in under the weight of these resentments and disappointments from our leaders.

We have a government that seems to take delight watching its citizens’ hands tied behind their back thereby incapacitating them.

We have been pushed too hard to handle the shorter end of the stick.

The middle class has been effectively ‘killed’
The Country has been polarized between the rich and the poor.
We have a situation where a few individuals enjoy all the privileges while ordinary Nigerians face difficult times.

While well meaning Nigerians are daily screaming from the roof top to reduce the cost of governance, those in power are making it more costly, and even, more attractive to themselves.
Little wonder politicians go the whole hog to win elections.

The Judiciary, and INEC have become subsidiaries of the ruling party where every judgement on electoral matters have to be in their favor. The ruling party Kano State governor was seen bragging even before the Appeal Court judgement that ousted his opponent.

We are sitting on a time bomb. Some of these policies could easily excercabate the already tensed situation.

Nigerians are choking! They should be allowed to breath.


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By Abia ThinkTank

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