My Mother, My Friend – Being A Glowing Tribute By Chief Olugu Kalu Ugba(Isi Bu Mba) To His Late Mother Chief Mrs. Eke Kalu Ugba

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Since the day of your departure, I have tried countless times to pen this tribute but I have ended up discarding most drafts because it’s really not the easiest of things to put pen to paper and refer to you in the past, hmmmmm Mma Fanta, ozu buruburuburu, ozu affia lege ererenwan, oshieru uke ya osu, nwanmi eme ife lege onye ikom, amadi aka ola, nwanmi eji ni okpogo akwuo aka, nwa nde ekpe woo aka nkwu akaa, oji motor eje nno, oji nama eletu motor, owu nke zu oha, the authentic Madam Cash, the Nneoha General. Where do I start or better still, what is the appropriate place to begin this piece? I still wake up in the morning looking forward to your call. That however is hoping against all hope for you have really gone the way of all mortals. I am tempted to ask God, ‘why now?’ He is however omniscient.
You were a beacon of love, loving all your children biological and otherwise in no small measure; a trait that earned you the sobriquet, Nneoha. You were noble, the very definition of the Biblical Proverbs 31 woman: faithful, trustworthy, hardworking, industrious, wise, passionate and impactful, above all, God fearing. Your industry was rewarded by God for He blessed the works of your hands and like the Virtuous woman you stretched out your hands to the needy.
Nmam, you were more a friend to me than a mother, a friendship that budded very early in my childhood. We bonded so much so that the relationship culminated into my becoming your Secretary, Accountant, Banker, Gist-mate and confidante, all wrapped into one quite early in my life. Till your demise you remained a close and indefatigable ally. You were a strong woman, my pillar of strength; a woman of great faith whose trust in God was unwavering and this you inculcated in me. Your belief was unshaken till that faithful Wednesday that He chose to call you home. Your strong love for me held death at bay till I arrived at your bed side, even death could not over ride your love for me as you held onto life until I arrived and even then, you held on until we finished praying and committed your soul to your creator. I am consoled by the instructive words of Isaiah 57: 1-2 and echo that it is well.
You are missed sorely. I still recall the long drive to Port Harcourt. I have not forgotten the last moments before you breathed your last. We love you a whole lot but your Maker loves you lots more. Fare thee well Nmam. Rest peacefully until the resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.
Even in these tears as I conclude, I am still Enyinaya as you fondly called me even on your deathbed.

Isi by mba mother’s burial has been fixed on 24th and 25th November, 2023

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