‘You Have Lightened My Burden’ – Remi Tinubu Welcomes Wike’s Request For Collaboration On Women’s Empowerment

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‘You Have Lightened My Burden’ — Remi Tinubu Welcomes Wike’s Request For Collaboration On Women’s Empowerment

The First Lady, Remi Tinubu, has warmly embraced a request from the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, to collaborate on advancing women’s empowerment initiatives in the federal capital.

During a courtesy visit to the State House in Abuja, Wike had expressed his intention to establish a women’s affairs directorate in the FCT and sought the partnership of the First Lady to bolster women’s inclusion in support of the Bola Tinubu administration’s ‘Renewed Hope Agenda

Accompanied by the Minister of State for the FCT, Mariya Mahmood, Wike emphasized the necessity of this collaboration, highlighting the absence of a women affairs directorate in the FCT.

“We want to collaborate with her on how to take care of women, and work with her to ensure that the Renewed hope agenda is achieved. The FCT wants to play its own role in that Agenda,” stated Wike.

While awaiting President Tinubu’s approval, Wike appealed to the First Lady to consider him and his ministry as integral members of her team.

In response, the First Lady commended the FCT’s efforts in developing Agriculture which she noted is a key priority within the Renewed Hope Initiative.

“Just this morning I saw a newsflash that the FCT Minister is collaborating with Israel on agriculture and I said I would love to discuss agriculture with the honourable minister,” Mrs Tinubu was quoted by her media aide, Busola Kukoyi, as telling her guest.

“Although women and children are what we do but it is not just women. We went as far as Belarus to study what they are doing. They have so much to offer in different areas and they are willing to assist, going as far as offering us scholarships at the Renewed Hope Initiative.

“What you have done today has really brought a lot of ease to our work because once you have the directorate there, we would know how to reach them. That is why I think that God has a hand in what we are doing. You have really lightened my burden,” remarked the First Lady.

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