International Christian Organization For Sustainable Development (ICOSD) Meets Secretary To Benue State Government On Collaboration

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To day Friday 28th July, 2023, the INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN ORGANISATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (ICOSD), led by its President, Bishop Prof. Joseph Vambe, met with Prof. Joseph Alkali, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) of Benue State. The delegation from ICOSD included Elder Yimam Abunku, Mayor of Gboko, Hon. Simeon Yongu, the state project coordinator (ICOSD), and Bemshima Orduen, PA to the President. The meeting was orchestrated by Hon. Amb. Mongol Tavershima Iorkase, the ambassador of ICOSD.

The primary objective of this high-level meeting was to seek the state government’s collaboration in creating an enabling environment for the ICOSD to construct a smart city and its world headquarters in Benue State. This ambitious project, estimated to cost one hundred million dollars, is financed by Foreign Investors and Funders.

During the meeting, the delegation presented their plans for the Smart City, which included state-of-the-art infrastructure, sustainable energy solutions, and innovative urban planning techniques designed to foster economic growth, enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants, and ensure environmental sustainability.

In response, Prof. Joseph Alkali expressed the readiness of the Benue State Government to provide the requisite assistance. The SSG emphasized that the government is committed to encouraging investments that align with its vision for sustainable development and the overall economic growth of the state.

He further assured the ICOSD delegation of the government’s commitment to facilitate the necessary approvals, permits, and other regulatory requirements to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Prof. Alkali also urged the ICOSD to engage with local businesses and communities throughout the project, thereby ensuring inclusive growth and development.

In conclusion, the meeting was fruitful and marked a significant step forward for this transformational project. The commitment of the Benue State Government is a positive sign that the project will proceed as planned. The ICOSD, in its commitment to sustainable development, is eager to begin work on this project, which is poised to positively impact Benue State and serve as a model for future Smart City projects. Sequel to this, a follow-up meeting with the ICOSD delegation and the Governor’s Committee is scheduled to hold on the 31st July, 2023, at the Presidential Lodge, Government House, Makurdi.
Hon. Amb. MONGOL, T.I

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