The Unceasing Wailings From Egypt: Shameful Vituperations Of Ikpeazu’s Heireling And Feeding Bottle Pen Mercenary Eze Chikamnayo – Dr. Engr Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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THE UNCEASING WAILINGS FROM EGYPT: Shameful Vituperations Of Ikpeazu’s Heireling And Feeding Bottle Pen Mercenary Eze Chikamnayo

Eze Chikamnayo’s umpteenth lamentation once again yesterday represents the weeping of the defeated Pharoah left drooling in the land of Egypt. There is great sadness and sorrow in the camp of Ikpeazu and his foot soldiers that attempted without success to keep God’s children stuck in Egypt. But the children of God will see Egypt no more after being rescued by Alex Otti and Labour Party. Ikpeazu and his goons can only cry and weep and wail all they care. His Egyptian etymology has ceased to exist in our lives, chikina.

It is indeed shameful reading the vituperations of Ikpeazu’s heireling and feeding bottle pen mercenary, Eze Chikamnayo lamenting feverishly as if his life is ending just now. What indeed is the reason for such outpouring of desperation and pugnacious mendacity as displayed in his empty rants against Otti?.

What is he and his paymasters still missing in Abia government house so soon after being disgraced from office? Why have we not rested in two months of their expulsion from Ogurube layout? What is fueling their lunacy and craze of entitlement?

The answers may not be too far from the decision by governor Alex Otti to institute a judicial panel of enquiry to gaze his inquisitorial kaleidoscope towards Ikpeazu’s sordid sleazy putrifaction. Ikpeazu is right now naked and sullied with defecation. The smell of faeces around him has kept him dancing naked in a deliberate show of shame to stain any onlooker. The situation around him reeks desperation.

Okezie Victor Ikpeazu has through his chief heireling, Eze Chikamnayo engaged the services of 20 hack writers to engage the government of Dr. Alex Otti in the social media. These strip writers or e-rats have been armed with loads of stolen cash to bankroll their pen war against Dr. Alex Otti and his New Abia.

This is one job Chikamnayo delights in and he’s deploying his best elements in the art of Goebelean school of propaganda. As it stands now, he will write for and speak for the devil so long as the pay is right.

Eze Chikamnayo has zero ideology and is pathologically unhinged once cash is involved. His great call in chicanery is playing out the filip of his cock and bull stories. His love for the corridors of power is legendary. His swansong of sweet talking, flippancy, flattery and sycophancy has managed to keep him in power from 1999 till date.

He has done no single business in his life but following and flattering men in high places. He has no other means of livelihood than laying captive to every government in power or simply AGIP with reckless abandon and no apologies to anyone. At best a pimping gypsy for power.

He has built a palace in his hometown and acquired choice properties in Enugu, Abuja and other places by just hanging around government and some high end personalities and speaking falsehood and banality. From OUK to TAO to OVI, are some of his clients or mugus he seduces with fluency, flippancy, flattery and sycophantic jingoism. He is damned mannerless with unthinkable character deficit.

It is laughable seeing Chikamnayo insulting Alex Otti who is in office for barely two months. What cause of action will he possibly be fighting for other than for the highest bidders that are paying for his shambolic droppings. His bait is meaningless.

Who knows, he might also be masturbating the thoughts of joining Dr Alex Otti’s government to prove his notorious mettle as a man of great skill in political jumpology. Chikamnayo is a mercantilist rookie, a pawn on the chess board. No one should take him seriously. He is a dispensable retard.

It is hardly a surprise that these guys are having nightmares over Alex Otti and his every move since all their crimes are money based and thus has indelible traces in every bank. Alex Otti as a top banker knows how and where to trace all their financial corruption.

Some phantom and faceless paymasters want to through shenanigans like Chikamnayo keep the governor restless and defocused from his recovery efforts of our stolen monies and assets. Chukwu aju.

Our duty as Abians who made the right choice through electing Alex Otti should be to be on our guards by making Okezie Ikpeazu and his cohorts to continue running till they will have no where to hide. The Judicial Panel of Enquiry is our game changer. Stopping it is the only cause of their actions.
Dr. Engr Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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