Atiku Warns Tinubu: Stop Threatening The Judiciary; Court Orders Cannot Be Illegal

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Atiku Warns Tinubu: Court Orders Cannot Be Illegal; Stop Threatening The Judiciary

Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, has stated that President Bola Tinubu’s Democracy Day broadcast demonstrated that he intended to lead an autocratic government.

Phrank Shaibu, Atiku’s Special Assistant on Public Communication, said this in a statement on Monday evening, stressing that Tinubu’s address was a disguised threat to the nation’s judiciary, which is deciding the legitimacy of his victory.

In his speech, Tinubu stated, “It has become imperative to state here that the unnecessary illegal orders used to truncate or abridge democracy will no longer be tolerated.”

According to Atiku’s assistant, Tinubu does not have the constitutional authority to assess whether a court ruling is illegal or legitimate.

He went on to say that it was funny that Tinubu, who had been one of the major benefactors of court rulings, would now threaten the judiciary now that he had risen to power.

Shaibu also criticised Tinubu’s claim that he “felt the pains of Nigerians” following the abrupt and unplanned removal of the petrol subsidy, saying Tinubu was hypocritical to ask Nigerians to make sacrifices when he had not given any assurances that he would reduce the cost of governance.

The statement reads, “What is an illegal court order?” Is it an order that Bola Tinubu dislikes? Is it within his authority to choose which orders to obey and which to disregard? This is a man who rode to power after multiple applications were denied on technical grounds.

“This is a man who just last week obtained a court order to prevent the Nigeria Labour Congress from going on strike.” However, he has suddenly realised that superfluous, so-called illegal orders employed in truncating democracy will no longer be permitted when his minions in Lagos deny non-indigenes the right to vote. What a liar.

“Tinubu wishes to impose legislative leadership on the government.” He also wishes to compel the judiciary to submit to his will. Is he attempting to convert Nigeria into a dictatorship?” Shaibu inquired.

“Those who cannot endure and accept the pain of defeat in elections do not deserve the joy of victory when it is their turn to triumph,” Tinubu stated.

But Shaibu argued that Tinubu was being hypocritical by speaking in this manner when he had always been at the forefront of challenging the victories of others whenever his candidate lost.

“Tinubu openly stated that he assisted Rauf Aregbesola, Kayode Fayemi, and Adams Oshiomhole in regaining their mandates through the courts,” he continued. Even his cousin, Gboyega Oyetola, who lost the governorship race in Osun, went to court to contest Governor Ademola Adeleke’s victory. Why didn’t he simply tell them to accept defeat?

“His predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari, lost three presidential elections and went to court three times.” Nonetheless, Tinubu paints a picture in which only losers dispute election results. If he believes he won the last election, he should be confident and stop attempting to intimidate the judges and bribe opposition lawmakers with appointments.

“Tinubu insults Nigerians’ intelligence by claiming that he feels the pain of subsidy removal.” To emphasise this, KPMG Managing Partner Yemi Kale claims that inflation could reach 30% next month. However, no palliative care is currently available.

“Tinubu has made no indication of lowering the cost of governance, reducing the presidential fleet, or reducing the number of appointees he will have.” Rather, he wants Nigerians to make up for his lack of foresight. This is absurd,” the statement continued.

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