The LG Election Estopel Was A Comedy Spun Out Of Control As Prof. Mkpa Dissociates Self – Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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Professor Mkpa Mkpa who I’ve just been told has dissociated from the planned Local Government election of 19th of May, 2023 is actually looking beyond the coming date of 29th of May, 2023 when there’ll be no more PDP government to cover his dirty tracks. It is obvious that the decisions he takes today will work against him in just a few days away. Therefore he has to beat a fast retreat. At over 70 years, its time for him to retire in peace and take some rest from public office and also ruminate about what legacy he’s leaving behind.

I started hearing of Professor Mkpa and Abia state government way back from the time of OUK. Then he was the carpetbagger and state fixer operating from Abia state university Uturu from where he carried on in the manner of the Czarist Petr Nickolas of 18th century Russia. Even as Vice Chancellor of the institution, he was best used by government officials as an emmigre and willing tool to front for looters and exproriate Abia state University resources and by extention the education sector.

It is a well known fact that Abia State University knew no development during the time of Mkpa who was also known to enjoy unfettered confidante of both OUK and Theodore Orji. Mkpa was crafty, guile and known to possess great administrative skills which assets brought him so close and made him an accessory to lootocracy going on in the state government establishments.

The lootocrats needed him and he needed them, enough for the ruling establishment to continue to employ his services even after retiring from the University system. The ruling class in Abia seduces only the avidly corrupt and chooses their recruits from the putrid ecosystem of the obscenely greedy and avaricious class. Obviously, we know the class of Mkpa’s friends and how they’ve dealt with Abians.

He moved into ABSIEC where his adroit skills at institutionalizing the arbitrary selection charade at the local government level was most needed. Thus Professor Mkpa became not only a constant feature and name in Abia PDP political establishment, but became one of its feared yeomen and hitmen. The fear of Professor Mkpa Mkpa was the beginning of wisdom in the politically corrupt prebandal local government apparati.

He soared in both hierarchy and status in structuring corruption and kleptocracy as necessary tools of statescraft. There will be absolutely no need for a rapacious operator like Professor Mkpa Mkpa to stir the hornets nest just when his smelling buttocks might be exposed for the swarming flies. It might be suicidal and a price too much for him to pay at this twilight of his career. He’s far too crafty and sensible to make such a mistake. He won’t dare us.

Professor Mkpa knows he’s being closely watched and all his dance steps are being closely monitored by Abians waiting for him to commit the slightest mistake or try making himself the hero of the looting gang that presided over Abia in the last 24 years.

Therefore his sealing the fate of the vexatious and totally unnecessary LG election for the reasons of refusing to tamper with a subsisting court injunction against the conduct of the election is a welcome development.

The distraction it would have caused in the polity, even as it will further expose his glassy abode is actually not welcome at this point in time. Roundabout Mkpa’s glass house are buried carcasses too many to count. He should give us no reason to begin to dig them now. He should retire peacefully.

Abians are anxiously looking forward to the May, 29th swearing in ceremony and handing over of the reigns of government to the new helmsman, Dr. Alex Otti. Any new topic will be better left till after the inauguration of the new governor. The new dawn is just ten days away and we can’t wait to celebrate our D-Day.

The government of Abia state who are very busy now delighting us with hitherto unknown and unverifiable projects are better advised to follow the good example of Professor Mkpa Mkpa by starting to prepare their handover notes. Thus, Government House projects, diagnostic centers, health center etcetera being photoshopped and used to inundate the viewing public now are only seen as looting in progress and must be stopped forthwith.

All we want to see now are handover documents to enable Abians take proper stock of how much in development terms, 24 years of practicing democracy under the PDP government has achieved for us as a people.
Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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