What Manner Of Ohanaeze Do We Have Today? From Toothless Bulldog To Headless Buffoon – Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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I came across a release by Ohanaeze Ndigbo yesterday in the social media briefly commending Peter Obi for his tenacity at winning the Presidency but sounding a note that Igbos will not be in opposition in Tinubu’s presidency. The release unequivocally stated that Ohanaeze will support a Tinubu presidency if sworn in May 29th. You can’t imagine such unintelligent soundbites coming from men and women presumed to be speaking for the Igbos. Just like that, no fight at all and such unbelief?

I have since after reading those statements been looking around in search of a rebuttal of those sacrilegious testaments but can’t find any. If it is true they issued the release, it will go down as one of the greatest betrayals in history since Judas Iscariot collected 30 sheckels of silver to turn in our redeemer and messiah Jesus Christ. One might not be convinced if there were no shekels of silver attached to this malicious treachery.

It is better to believe that Ohanaeze did not make those statements and therefore should qualify for a speedy rebuttal. But even if the statements have not been made, their body language suggest even worse. Whereas Afenifere, Pandef, the Middlebelt Forum and many sociocultural groups in the country have taken a swipe in condemnation of the worst conducted election by INEC’s Yakubu, Ohanaeze Ndigbo are still having their heads buried in the sands in atrocious ostrichism.

I have read countless releases by Afenifere denouncing the open robbery of Mr. Peter Obi’s election results and so also is Chief Edwin Clark’s Pandef, but non has come or is coming from Ohanaeze Ndigbo. What manner of Ohanaeze do we have today? Who are these hustlers?

Ohanaeze Ndigbo are trying to purchase relevance in an establishment that today is saying point-blank, that Igbos must not be president in our country. At least that’s what we’ve deduced from the open swapping of the results of Mr Peter Obi with those of Ahmed Tinubu who was roundly rejected by the Nigerian people. It would be more honorable for Ohanaeze Ndigbo to stay away from public comments than to be heard saying they would work with Tinubu even when the matter is still under court determination. What a shameless disposition?

We did not read much of Ohanaeze Ndigbo when Tinubu and his goons turned the Lagos state election into a referendum against the Igbos. They have also been very quiet since one Eze Ndigbo in Lagos was and is still being hounded for returning threats to those who impetuosly threatened his people. Ohanaeze Ndigbo turns deaf and dumb when Igbos are faced with existential problems. Ohanaeze has created a gap and has become the missing link in our collective survivability.

Why has Ohanaeze Ndigbo turned from toothless bulldog to a headless buffoon especially since Dr. Nnia Nwodo left the scene? Why has Ohanaeze Ndigbo transcended from ethical paramblation to what we now see today as lethargy at every occasion? Why are the hustlers presiding over the affairs of Ndigbo today refusing to interrogate the sociocultural impact of frustrating the Igbos from democratic participation in our adopted country? Exactly what we saw in 2023 elections.

The Ohanaeze are late everywhere, they were late coming for Nnamdi Kanu, they were late when Igbos were massacred in Nimbo, Uzouwani in Enugu State, they were late when Umunneochi, Lokpanta to Uturu axis turned to kidnapper’s den, they were late when Orlu, Orsu and environ in Imo state were overtaken by the Nigeria military chasing IPOB boys, they were late when the Nigeria military seized parts of Ohafia in Abia state chasing itinerant youths, they were late when fulani militia group seized all the forests in Igboland, and so on and so forth. Again, we’re forced to ask, what really does Ohanaeze stand for?

Ohanaeze adopting the stands of Peter Obi’s traducers in the 2023 election even when the matter of the rigged election is still subjudice is most unfortunate and most unbecoming of the so called Igbo sociocultural association. They must find out what their people want or be pelted by the people’s resistance and by history.

What do they now expect from the leader of Afenifere, Pa Adebanjo and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, ditto other Nigerians of goodwill who have stood like rock of Gibralta for justice to prevail in the 2023 presidential election. What is the use of Ohanaeze as a body if she cannot stand for her people with integrity. Why are they in a hurry to negotiate for relevance? Who send them?

Ohanaeze since the era of late Dr. Obiozor to the present day are on a crossroad and existing in a shrouded identity. Their release promising to work with a wrongfully declared president elect is coming treacherously too soon and very condescending. It has the capacity of derailing the court processes and sabotage the rightful winner of the election.

Ohanaeze must therefore reprobate, refute and abbrogate those statements to save their image if any is still left.
Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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