Peter Obi & The Obedients: A Struggle To Bring Positive Change In Our Political Culture – Engr. Odo Ijere (Okpotemba Ohafia)

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Peter Obi should leave Obidients alone and focus on his court case. Obidients are reactionaries who are responding to a gang up by the Nigerian elites that are huddling up around a sick Tinubu to frustrate the clamor for change in our country.

Peter Obi happens to be a personification of that struggle by the downtrodden masses to bring about positive change. He will make the mistake of thinking he’s the driver of the Obidient struggle which only coexist today as a living organism and in a mutually exclusive state with the protagonist of the struggle.

Obi only today is standing as a figurehead of the struggle which in all intent and purposes is operating above himself now. The Obidients struggle as much as it’s being bleached in ethnic colors by a few disgruntled wicked elites who sit atop everyone, is actually a nationwide movement by the poor and downtrodden across the ethnic divides.

The mistake should not be made in anyway to dub it an Igbo struggle much less Ipobian identity that the enemies of the Obidients are busy labeling it. The INEC mutilated election is more than enough proof that Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Ahmed won outrightly in the three zones of Southeast, Southsouth and North Central while polling the mandatory 25% spread in Southwest, and significant part of Northwest and Northeast. Obidients is without qualification therefore a nationwide movement.

The struggle to bring a positive change in our political culture by the youths across the ethnic divides may have started with Peter Obi identity political mannerisms but is far from being a Peter Obi political movement. It is worrisome to see Obi acceding to the blackmail of those who believe he should instruct Obidients in certain politically motivated mannerisms.

Obi visiting Professor Wole Soyinka and later cautioning Obidients on their vitriol against Daddy Adeboye is very unnecessary and just distracting himself. He should focus on his court case and his legal team because that is where our treasure lies today. He should avoid rent seeking, vain glorious hyper personalities who we all know will eventually exhibit their badge of ethnic jingoism.

Wole Soyinka clearly went off the mark of intellectual decency by his fascist remarks against Obidient youths struggling to create a better country for themselves and our unborn generation. The eminent professor is suffering from intellectual lethargy obviously caused by a new ethnic currency wave running against the tide of Peter Obi would-be presidency. It is obvious from Soyinka’s vituperation that fairness and social justice which were hallmarks of his intellectual ideation has given way to ethnic machismo.

On the other hand, Daddy Enoch Adeboye who have nothing to say to electoral cheating, INEC fraudulent impunity, Tinubu impudence, Tinubu drug interdiction, Tinubu fake certificates, Tinubu imposition, APC sit tight agenda, Muslim Muslim manipulation by few individuals, Christianity on trial in Nigeria, etcetera etcetera, but finds his voice insulting all of us who pay him tithes to robe his billionaire status and patronize his largest pentecostal congregation worldwide, also because of ethnic affiliation.

For men like Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Christianity in Nigeria will die and be fazed out. Ethnicity has destroyed the basis for nationhood in this contraption called Nigeria where the piety has also turned against the people.

Therefore, it is necessary to equally call Peter Obi to caution not to delve into mending costly fences with certain individuals, especially the hyper sensitive ones as the fight to reclaim his mandate rages. Its going to be even more capricious, atrocious and tense. No room for societal influencers who feign death rather than speak the truth.

Reclaiming the mandate of the people is a revolution that will get to the root of everything hurting Nigeria’s existence. Like the French revolution, the elites of this society will be brutalized, defamed, profiled, annihilated and eventually reformed by force. Nigerians are ready to take back their country.

If paradventure the courts fail to rule in favor of the truth which however is known by everybody and throw justice overboard, the distemper will be exigent, spontaneous, extraordinary and volcanic. The Obidient will turn to a monstrous king Kong. The hunter will be hunted. Even Peter Obi cannot quench the raging inferno.

Obidient is a smouldering cartridge waiting to be detonated. Its only the courts that will decide whether or not the detonation will take place and not Peter Obi.
Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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