Freezing Of Abia Government Accounts And The Politics Of Scapegoatism – By Engr. Odo Ijere ( Okpotemba, Ohafia)

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Hell has been let loose since Abia State government accounts came under the hammer following a court exparte motion that was granted a government contractor(name withheld) a few days ago.

One would have expected a state being administered by decent men to immediately dispatch the Attorney General under whose purview the administration of justice system lies to immediately investigate the issues at hand and brief the government accordingly on what options are open to it. But this didn’t happen.

All manner of street urchins, court jesters, SAs, SAs to SAs, Advisers on market women, Advisers on best Hennessey, Advisers on girlfriends, all went to town accusing the governor elect, Dr. Alex Otti of being responsible for freezing the government accounts.
Of course, this finger pointing is not unexpected since Igbo maxim already holds supreme that a man’s problems is always blamed on his mother’s dalliance.
Abia state government has no other problems today than Dr. Alex Otti.

I watched a few days ago as the chief urchin, Eze Chikamnayo, the commissioner for information and strategy went on national TV disparaging the Abia State returning officer, Professor Nnennaya Otti for having the guts to reject their money offers and return Dr. Alex Otti as duly elected. He shamelessly claimed Alex Otti and Professor Nnennaya Otti were siblings.

It came to the turn of Okezie Victor Ikpeazu to explain to the world why he was rejected by his people on the same Channels TV, he was literally weeping with the same story previously dressed by Chikamnayo. He was drooling and groaning on TV, almost bursting into tears explaining how they refused to collate his 108,000 fake results he manufactured inside his obscene palace at Umuobiakwa village.

A fake result he obtained under duress, after ordering the beating of INEC presiding officer and his Adhoc staff black and blue with armed security men providing the cover for their heinous crimes.

Okezie Ikpeazu was telling the TV anchor person, Seun that Professor Nnennaya Otti erred in her duties by not counting, cross checking and adding the 108,000 Obingwa fake specimen results brought to her. He didn’t consider the criminality behind those fake ballot papers nor the crime scenes. This is the governor we had for 8 years. Very pathetic indeed.

Many of us have come to the conclusion that Okezie Victor Ikpeazu will blame anybody or anything for his failings and for operating at below par intelligence quotient that couldn’t inspire hope on Abians for 8 years.
It is not surprising that he will blame Alex Otti for failure to honor his own contractual obligations which attracted court sanctions to his government.

I know of other court cases that will embarrass him and his government with similar freezing orders. I’m also hopeful and expectant that the case file no. CV/1094/FCT/17 between Techno Consult Ltd. and Abia State government under his watch, resulting from the same refusal to honor contracts obligations will attract similar orders of the court to garnish the state accounts.

That of a company called Ziplon whom they defrauded of their huge contract sums will also soon be executed. I’m aware of at least N15 Billion failed contractual obligations involving Ikpeazu’s government and officials for which they cannot escape court sanctions.

Dr. Alex Otti, being a banker may turn out to be their best friend at a time like this. A time of reckoning will always come when games are over.
Odo Ijere, okpotemba.

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By Abia ThinkTank

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