My Victory Was By Divine Intervention – Dr. Alex Otti OFR, Abia State Governor-Elect

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My Victory Made Possible by Divine Intervention, Says Otti

Abia State governor-elect, Dr. Alex Otti, has said that his victory at the poll was made possible by divine intervention given the array of forces that worked against him.

He said that a lot of forces were hell bent on scuttling his long-standing governorship ambition but through the grace of God the opposing forces were defeated and he came out victorious.

Otti gave this testimony weekend at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, where he worshipped with a jubilant congregation over his successful outing in the 2023 governorship election.

He said: “”If it is about the forces, we wouldn’t have been here. But God wanted to take the glory, the total glory. You may have the police, you have army, you have INEC, you have everything, but God says, this is where He is going. If you like hit your head against the wall, that’s where He will go.”

The renowned economist and former bank chief executive had consistently contested the Abia governorship race since 2015 but success came his way this time around in his third attempt under the banner of Labour Party.

He noted that success at the polls does not necessarily depend on one’s qualifications and endowments, adding without the hand of God working to clear all the hurdles on the way.

“If you were doubting the word of God, please stop doubting because I’m a testimony. In terms of capacity, I know that I have it, but it’s not capacity that will take you there. In terms of character, I have it, but it’s not character that will take you there.

“In terms of skills, I have them, but again it’s not skill that will take you there. No one can take you there but the Father Almighty,” Otti said.

The Abia governor-elect confessed that he was moved to shed tears last Wednesday when he saw old women dancing on the road in celebration of his victory after he was declared winner of the March 18 governorship poll.

“I was shocked at the way the entire Abia State erupted in joy on Wednesday. In fact, tears dropped from my eyes when I saw old women, young people jubilating, throwing themselves on the streets,” he said.

Referencing biblical quotations, Otti pointed out that the spontaneous explosion of joy and happiness across Abia was in line with the popular biblical verse which says that ‘when the righteous is in power, the people rejoice.’

“Are people rejoicing today, yes! It is just the beginning. They know that we will rebuild this state and it’s not because we are powerful, it’s because we have been blessed to do it,” he said.

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