High Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke Sponsors Road Rehabilitation Projects In Nkporo Community(Ohafia LGA) And Ihechiowa Community(Arochukwu LGA)

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High Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke sponsors Road Rehabilitation Project in Nkporo community(Ohafia LGA) and Ihechiowa Community (Arochukwu LGA).

Following the outcry of people from Nkporo and Ihechiowa in Ohafia and Arochukwu LGA respectively over the deteriorating state of the major roads leading into their communities.

The APC candidate for House of Representatives, Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency High Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke PhD has taken it upon himself to rehabilitate these roads. In his benevolent manner, chief Daniel Okeke has released funds for the rehabilitation of these roads in line with his commitment in making lives better and easier for the people of Ohafia/Arochukwu communities as well as all Abians. Also the released funds will facilitate the fixing of these roads in no distant time especially now that the rainfall has subsided and also to eradicate any form of delay.
For Nkporo,the road to be graded stretches from Etitiama to Elughu while that of Ihechiowa in Arochukwu LGA is from Umuzomgbo to Okpo.
No doubt these projects will go a long way to make life and movement easier during this festive period, also The economic importance of these roads can not be overemphasized and when they are fully rehabilitated, they will not only be an answered prayer and a big relief for people from these communities but will also boost their economy which is one of the agenda of Chief Daniel Okeke as concerned with the economy of his constituency since they are the major roads through which goods and services are conveyed into and out of these communities.
Chief Daniel Okeke in his remark reassured his commitment in making life easier for his constituents and promised to attract reasonable and developmental projects to the constituency if given the mandate to represent in the National Assembly.
Furthermore, it is noteworthy to state that this is not the first time chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke is taking it upon himself to construct or rehabilitate roads without assistance from anybody or the state , but out of love for his people and development of his constituency.

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Oti Maduabuchi Orieji
Special Assistant
(Media and Publicity)

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