Abia North Consensus Governorship candidate: Template For Screening Of Candidates Objective, Credible And Reliable -His Noble Honour, Chief Eze Eke (MPA Independent Observer)

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Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning. Permit me to use this opportunity to make some obvious clarifications regarding the recent antagonistic behavioral attitudes and prevailing issues of consensus candidates as announced by the Abia North Project. It is my candid belief that we have some elderly statemen in the house who will not allow petty sentiment to drag us to the political mud. I have thoroughly observed and studied the various or different individuals opinions and contributions arising from this issue of consensus candidate and wish to comment as following : We must live to understand that in the environment of democratic sphere, different opinions and arguments are made. To achieve greatness, some discussions are led in diague, advocacy and in partnership. There are always heated arguments when decisions especially for a better tomorrow are made. In a group of different people, professionals. of different background, such decisions are not bound to favour all concerned. This in effect may also bring misunderstanding. It is part of life experience. Conflict is inevitable. It could be dysfunctional when it is destructive and functional when it is constructive. In whichever perspective one looks at it, it’s a process of achievement. we live to agree and to disagree. We should learn to control our emotional intelligence. Appreciate values, be self regulated to avoid unnecessary attack, be in control and be motivated to work consistently towards the goals. Having said thus far, the crux of the matter or the issue of consensus candidate by the Abia North Project must be viewed from the point of critical thinking which allows you to reflect on and evaluate what you hear and read. Infact, critical thinking is important to arguments in order to properly assess their validity. Use proper language as strategies to assist your self in your thoughts and actions. There’s no need to abuse one another here. Let it be known that in political setting, It is not in error that one or two persons or group of persons pronounce or declare someone as a consensus candidate. The issue of acrimony, vexation, scandalism, spoilt, levelling all manner of insults to one another is barbaric and uncalled for. After all, in a democratic dispensention such as ours, when many people are struggling for power, only one person will emerge as a winner. It is my desire that we should be searching for a candidate not only efficient but effective and who’s capacities will be matched with capabilities. I read the template in which the group used in their assessment of the different candidates and quality profile of the personality of Bishop Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha as commendable. This is a time to shift from normaltive idealism to critical realism. So, there is no point of antagonistic behaviour amongst ourselves. Those that are involved should please refraim from such ungodly attitudes. This is the time to move forward to better Abia state and we must collectively agreed to exhibit synergy which is the habit of creative cooperation. I advocate for a strategy of change from the analytical process to thought process. It is a call for human emancipation where brain and creativity prevail instead of the usual period of muscles and money. Let’s come together with the human feelings of rendering services. I dream of the habit of interpersonal leadership in our state. Let’s get up and move forward. It is high time we came out of the idea of discussing people and resorting to reactivity. Blaming accusing others will accord us no benefit. There is no time to waste. Time management is an illusion no one can really manage it. It’s constant and responsible to no one. Change is obvious and it requires leadership and to me it quite natural that as we clamour for change, it should be provided by us as professionals and we must also come against the so called levelers and sharpners. In my submission, it is a reflection of great need and importance that we should come together, inculcate and seek the habits of effective management of change, habit to synergize which is of creative cooperation, habit of interpersonal leadership and habit to seek first to understand, then to be understood. Take note that understanding another person takes consideration, getting another person to understand us take courage. I come in Peace. His Noble Honor, Chief Eze Eke

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By Abia ThinkTank

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