2023: True Confessions of People Tinubu saved their lives – Kanu Nwankwo and others

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Kanu Nwankwo said Tinubu supported him when he had heart problem. Asari said Tinubu supported him when he was prison. Nollywood actors said Tinubu supported them when Moji Olaiya died in Canada and in many other occasions.

Imam Ansar-Ud- Deen said Tinubu supported his members by paying for their Hajj money when they defrauded by their agent . Ojudu said Tinubu supported him when his publishing business was suffering from fund. Olaiya igwe said Remi Tinubu supported him when he was terribly sick. Pa Akande said Tinubu built Pa Adebanjo house for him in Lekki. El-Rufai said he changed his mind to support Tinubu when he cancelled his colloquium because of Kaduna train Attack. A colloquium he has invested heavily on.

On and on and on! If you say TINUBU is not a good leader, what then is your definition of leadership?

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By Abia ThinkTank

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