2023 Presidency: Buhari advised against Muslim-Muslim Ticket-Bwala(Former APC Chieftain)

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A former chieftain of the APC, Daniel Bwala, has revealed how he left the APC after he was set to be the spokesman of the party’s presidential campaign. During his interview with our correspondence, Bwala shared how he tried to raise his concerns about the Muslim-Muslim ticket with leaders of the APC before leaving the party.

Addressing the topic, Bwala said, “I left the APC because I did not think that it would be morally right for me, who was already set aside to be the spokesperson for the presidential campaign, to go about advocating for a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket in Nigeria.” I did that because I had held meetings with the critical leaders of the party where I stated this.

He continued, “I did not only explain based on religious faith alone, but also shared my permutations.” However, it fell on deaf ears. Nigeria is not ripe for that and everything has changed since 1999. The country is polarized. I knew that a Muslim-Muslim ticket would not deliver Bola Tinubu as president. There will be a lot of backlash as many Muslim brothers do not subscribe to the ticket. President Muhammadu Buhari reportedly advised that the APC presidential ticket should be balanced. There was no unanimity around that decision.

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