Rt. Rev. Daniel Imo: True Liberation 2023.

RDI Rev Daniel Imo
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By Dave Uma

Are you aware that there are people who never believed or even imagined that certain things that had gone wrong in the past could still be changed for the better? Especially due to the conditional state of mind of an average electorate as a result of institutionalised maladministration that has forced the people to accept defeat at all times, with no ray of hope for the future full of uncertainties.

But in reality, this is a very wrong impression our people have had about the way we play politics in our constituency and beyond, mostly because there have not been any spirited efforts at challenging the status quo to usher in politics of practical achievement and not politics of paid sycophancy.

To a good number of people, politics is more of a battleground than a playground where Democratic dividends are negotiated for the best hands to steer the future. Yet, politics is not a bed of roses, because roses with all its beauty have thorns, making many conclude that politics, is true, a war zone of intense struggle against your opponents (and to some, perceived enemies).

It’s no longer a hidden fact that our politicians deploy intimidation, confrontation, false accusations, ridicule, blackmail etc as weapons or tools to hunt down their perceived political opponents or enemies. 

It will therefore not be out of place to state here that, that era will be gone for good when people with cultured mindset and civilized orientation partake to bring healthy competition where antecedents, pedigree and proven track record of integrity become a yardstick for measuring qualification and preparedness to lead. That era when we do away with the deployment of all manner of dubious means, even to ” kill & destroy” to achieve small objective of winning elections (qualified or not)

This is where new breeds of politicians like Rt. Rev Daniel Imo comes in, the man that has proven to be the new face of decent politics in the Arochukwu/ Ohafia Federal Constituency who is coming with ideologies having spent years in the USA –  a clime where politics is played like a game with rules.
Who then says it is impossible here when carrying of ballot  boxes and other untoward activities are no longer in tune  with our politics

Rt. Rev. Daniel Imo is a man with a charismatic & enthusiastic mien, full of energy and resilience imbued in love and desire to serve and usher in a new era of healthy politicking with commensurate results for comfort and hope for a progressive future.

When you think of a man who uses his God-given gift wisely for the benefit of others, then, Rt. Rev Dan is the man.

Let’s go for a man that will give Arochukwu/Ohafia the vote to a better tomorrow because he is the most popular and the best candidate to take the Constituency to new heights of greater possibilities.

Vote Rt Rev Daniel Imo for the liberation of our constituency.

Reverend Daniel Imo


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