Why Okamu need to test elective position in Ohafia to break a jinx – Ebin Kalu

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By Comr Amos Kalu

As the 2023 general election approaches, Hon. Ebin Kalu (a.k.a Chief Obia), a strong contender for the Ohafia South State Constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly, has continued to make case for the need for Ohafia to, in the spirit of equity, unity and Fairplay, support the election of a candidate from Okamu ward to break the jinx of the long drought of the impossible test of elective positions.

To buttress his argument, Ebin Kalu, who is contesting on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, took time to chronicle the political history of Ohafia in terms of representation from the olden days of Ohafia to date, insisting that there is a need for equity and fair play to guide our actions.
He said that we must always count our journey as a people from where we started as starting in the middle to score political goals will only complicate our position without sending the right history to younger generations.

“In the first republic or thereabout, Hon. Oke Ukpo and Raleigh Nmaju from the Ania Ward Represented Ohafia in the elective position of House of Representatives, respectively.
In the same vein, Hon. Uche Ogboso was a member of Abia State House of Assembly in Aba with the collective support of Ohafia, he was also from Akanu in Ania.

Ebem Oha Ward has not been representative of Ohafia at Abia HOA, but has held elective positions in the name of Ohafia when Barr Emeka Kalu successfully held swear in an elected capacity in Ohafia. They have served as commissioners too, though not elective, but in name of Ohafia.
Prof Eni Njoku from Isiama, Ebem precisely was in the Senate and House of Representatives in his time.

Unfortunately, when Okamu produced Dr Nchege, the Army took over power to truncate the opportunity. When Barr Ukonu Ukoha was elected, Abacha died and the opportunity to break the jinx for Okamu to occupy the elective position for Ohafia was lost.

In good fate, EQUITY DEMANDS THAT Okamu ward should produce the next State Legislator for Ohafia South State Constituency, especially as compensation and comfort for the lost opportunities of both Dr Nchege and Barr Ukonu Ukoha to give them a true sense of belonging and brotherhood as one people” he insisted.

Ohafia South Constituency Representation at a glance, from 1999.

1..1979–to 83…Hon/Elder Udo Igwe… Amaekpu/Isiama

2..1991–to 1993….Engr Otah – Amaekpu

3..1999–to 2007…Dr Obu Orji.. Okagwe

4..2007– to 2015..Hon Mba Ukaha (Asaga/Ohafor)

5..2015–2023..Hon Ifeanyi Uchendu .. Amaekpu/Isiama

Meanwhile, Okamu ward has not relented in this pursuit even from other political parties. In all, whoever comes to equity must come with clean hands.

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